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A1) Time-based charges will be billed in 15-minute increments.

A2) A minimum of 2 hours per session is required if the session requires Eric to travel physically.

A3) To avoid any misunderstanding, please discuss details of any budget limits and conditions before using the services. For instance, if there is a maximum budget per month.

A4) Due to family constrains, Eric is unable to meet people at home.

A5) When meeting up, it is best to meet directly at the desired destination as any traveling while accompanying the client is considered as part of the session.

A6) Unavoidable expenses when Eric is accompanying the client is to be borne by the sponsor (e.g. admission ticket cost, having meals outside).

A7) A simple status report will be provided after each session summarising the situation and progress made. It will add 15 minutes to the session time.

A8) If Eric is asked to provide other services (e.g. technical support or photography) during the session, then the service with the higher fee applies for the time when it is in use.

A9) Do note that Eric is only able to deliver results to the extent in which clients are willing to improve their lives and open themselves to new experiences.

A10) Online meetings will usually be conducted using Google Meet or Skype.


Additional notes for the Autistic Befriending Service:

B1) Do clarify in advance what to do if the client behaves in an unexpected manner. For instance:

  • Is it acceptable to extend the session time when the client requests for it?
  • What do we do if the client keeps contacting Eric for social support outside working hours?
  • Is there a budget restriction that the client needs to follow during outings?

B2) Do note that if clients are told that the relationship is based on a befriending service, they are may not wish to continue.


Additional notes for the Breakthrough Mentoring:

C1) This service is only for clients willing to try new things outside their comfort zone for the purpose of challenging themselves to grow.

C2) Clients must have undergone Social Skills Tutoring or Adulting Training, or otherwise demonstrate mastery of Social and Adulting Skills, before they can be accepted for this training.


Additional notes for the Masculinity Coaching:

D1) Clients must have undergone Breakthrough Mentoring first, or otherwise demonstrate mastery of Relational Meaning, before they can be accepted for this training.