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Eric is one of Asia’s top international autism autistic advocates and has:


Eric no longer gives autism talks or run autism events. However, he is available for a flat consulting fee of $60-100/hour of work. Consulting packages are negotiable.

If your organisation is only looking for autistic advocates to share their personal experiences, do visit the Whatsapp Autism Community Singapore to find interested speakers.


Eric promises to share unique and interesting perspectives not found anywhere else. Below is a preview of what to expect:

Autism is more than the triad of impairments (i.e. social, communication, executive dysfunction). It is a difference in consciousness – the experience of a disconnected, undifferentiated state. Metaphorically, this is the state of before-life, the experience of a person who has yet to be fully born into this world.

Living in undifferentiated time, the experience of the past, present and future are similar. All possibilities of all futures are equally likely and thus merit equal concern. With time undefined, it is not possible to learn from experience.

Living in undifferentiated space, the physical body has no form and boundaries. The locus of perception is not confined within but is all around the physical body. With space undefined, it is not possible to master physical dexterity.

Living with undifferentiated thinking, all thoughts are connected to each other. There are no intrinsic categories and boundaries of thoughts. One either gives up on the primordial mess or creates immovable boundaries guarded at all costs.

Living with undifferentiated feelings, feelings exist but are not experienced. For some, they connect with the body and the body acts instinctively. For others, they burst into consciousness as unidentified sensations and then disappear.

Living with an undifferentiated self, everyone and oneself are the same. The understanding of separate beliefs, perceptions, intentions, personalities and choices do not come naturally. It is not possible to understand the concept of others when all we have is one-ness.

Without differentiation to guide autistics, the concrete and explicit can be understood while the abstract and implicit cannot make sense. For those with intellectual capacity, a dependency on logic, science and knowledge accumulation develops naturally as a coping strategy.

However, this strategy gives diminishing returns. They eventually realise that there is an invisible barrier standing between them and everyone else that they are unable to cross over. Instead, they can only experience the world indirectly through intermediaries such as their library of knowledge.

To cross this barrier requires enough trust to let go of depending on logic and enough wisdom on navigating the uncharted world beyond the realm of knowledge. With courage and wisdom, they can come into the direct experience of the volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and undefinable world.

Eric’s work is to guide autistic people who want to cross this invisible barrier to follow the path that he has taken to get to the other side.