Rainbow Human » Reflections » The Invisible Disappearing Way

The true teaching becomes invisible,
Because it is applied without conscious effort.
The true teaching becomes obsolete,
Because it is no longer needed.

The wheel is humble; it sits meekly below the vehicle.
But it shoulders the weight of all those above.
Thus, the wheel is important.
But no one notices a wheel that works well.

The wheel allows humans to do many more chores much faster.
Without relying on Gods or the Heavens.
Work is done by their own effort.
But the wheel never received thanks; only complaints when it fails.

The wheel works invisibly to serve Humanity.
People no longer notices their workload lightening.
The wheel’s inventor is unknown, his details long lost.
Even if known, his name is useless.

How many of us dare to be this unknown inventor?
To forsake recognition and dependency.
Creating something strategic that benefits the world.
So that others will take their own greatness for granted, and thus never lose it.

In this era where those tasked to heal aim for repeat business,
Providing watered-down medicine or a pricey listening ear,
Who dares to remove their pedestals?
And present a solution that no longer requires their services?

In this era where false teachers of great fame dominate,
Promising enlightenment through copyrighted theories and pricey workshops,
Who dares to reveal their great fraud?
And present a truth that sets people free.

The invisible disappearing way is hard to practice,
Because it asks for the greatest price of all:
Put an end to the problems,
And thus lose our job for good.