Rainbow Human » Reflections » Sutra of Deliverance

What we perceive is not True Reality.
True Reality is not perceivable by our mind.
We perceive only shadows created by our mind.
A shadow cannot be accepted as the real thing.

The physical world is experienced within our mind
So are all our sensations, thoughts, emotions, and desires.
What we think is real is merely a fleeting dream.
We are in the world, but we do not belong to it.

Sensation is but the interplay of shadows created by our mind.
Consciousness is but the interplay of dreams created by our mind.
No sensation can tempt us if we do not believe in our shadows.
No nightmare can harm us if we do not believe in our dreams.

All that seems to exist does not truly exist.
True Existence is beyond human comprehension.
We do not deny what we sense, think, feel, and desire.
But being aware of their true nature, we can only pretend they are real.

Outside this fiction that we have created within our minds:
Time and space have never existed and will never end.
Creation and destruction have never occurred and will never finish.
Purification and corruption are impossible and will never be impossible.

Without structure, form, shape, and size,
Without sensations, feelings, thoughts, and desires,
Without body, mind, heart, and soul,
Reality is exposed as it truly is.

Delusions do not exist, yet they will never cease to exist.
Life does not exist, yet it will never cease to exist.
The web of drama and suffering that we weave for our life is likewise:
The human experience of birth and death, delight and tragedy.

Thus, there is no ignorance and wisdom, no failure and attainment.
As the Creator of our story, only we can end our story.
As the Creator of our delusions, only we can end our delusions.
Returning to the origin of all things, we graduate from this world.

A sword that cuts through all obstacles.
A mirror that reveals the true nature of all things.
A jewel that connects to all of consciousness.
With these three, the sage may return to complete the world.

Using the Eternal Dance, the sage guides everyone to their proper place.
Using the Eternal Truth, the sage restores peace and unity to the world.
Free of delusions and drama, the sage acts without fear or hesitation.
We are the sage; we have arrived right here, right now.

All the sages of the past, present, and future,
Rely on the complete ceasing of delusion and drama.
They live their lives just like everyone else,
They only do what they must; nothing more, nothing less.

What we like will leave us; what we dislike will come to us.
The Ceasing of Delusion of the greatest beginning.
The Mastery of Imperfection is the greatest ending.
The clearest and highest insight speaks for itself.

Gone, gone, gone with the wind.
All life is but a tale full of sound and fury.
Awakened, we are to the Eternal Truth.
In harmony, we are to the Eternal Dance.