Rainbow Human » Reflections » Improvised Reality

1. Quest

• Who are we?
• Where do we come from?
• Where are we going?
• What do we do now?
• Why do we exist?

In these five questions lies Humanity’s Quest.

We must answer them.

We will answer them.


2. Fantasy

It is easy to say that something is real if we can see, touch, and taste it. Our scientists tell us otherwise.

It is easy to say that something is real if we can remember, feel, and understand it. Our psychologists tell us otherwise.

It is easy to say that there is a difference between what is real and what is false if we can reason. Our logicians tell us otherwise.


People believe in this truth or that truth when there is no such thing at all.

We are making up our world right now.

There is no way to stop that.

Neither do we have to try.


3. Stage

We are living in a story we wrote.

A story that mesmerizes us into becoming its characters.

A story that hypnotizes us into believing that it is real.


This world is a story.

We are on stage right now.

We are the protagonists.

We cannot see the audience, but they can see us.

Wave at them.


It is fun to pretend.

We pretend all the time.

Even when we think that we are not pretending.

Even when we think that we are beyond pretending.

We deceive.


4. Play

We are playing with each other.

This is the collective drama that we participate in.

There is nothing else to do.

We relate to each other.

We invent conflicting goals and personalities.

They stopped existing once we stepped out of the theater.

On stage, nothing is real.

Off stage, there is nothing else.

Reality is our greatest invention.


5. Pretense

A child knows how to act.

An adult does not.

A child believes everything he sees.

An adult does not.

It is dangerous to believe everything you see.

However, it is foolish to do otherwise.


6. Drama

Before the show, we choose our characters.

We choose our costumes, our environment, and our destiny.


We act.

There are no stage lines.

We improvise.

The story is only a rough concept.

We create.

We do not know what to do with each other.

We relate.


The audience likes us, but we do not care about them.

The story exists for us.

It is our story.

We are selfish.

That is why we are all protagonists.


7. Ending

The story does not end.

We keep making more of it up.

It has become a long story to relate.

Too long for anyone to understand or remember.


The characters disappear, only to come back in a new guise.

The alive eventually dies.

The dead become alive again.

Characters keep recycling themselves.

There is nothing else to do.


Sometimes, an actor has enough.

He has grown tired of acting.

He walks off the stage.

He does not come back again.

The audience knows that he is finished with the drama.

Nothing less, nothing more.