Rainbow Human » Reflections » A Time for Everything Prayer

There is a time for everything in our world
And a time for everything that happens to us.

A time to wake, and a time to sleep
A time to create, and a time to destroy
A time to speak, and a time to listen
A time to live, and a time to leave

A time of fun, and a time of seriousness
A time of freedom, and a time of oppression
A time of anger, and a time of forgiveness
A time for myself, and a time for others

Higher Power within,
Grant me the wisdom to know the time
The inspiration to make the best of all times
And the courage to accept my time now

For there is a time for everything under the sun & moon
A time for all people, beings and animals
A time for all happenings and encounters
A time for me, and a time for you

Higher Power within,
Remind me of ever-changing time
That nothing shall be the same every moment
That to live in this world is to change with this world

For what I like will vanish some day
And so will the things I dislike
For my happiness will leave me soon
And so will my sorrows and pains

Higher Power within me, grant me the courage to face time
And to always embrace whatever comes to me
Grant me the serenity to live in the eternal present
And dance with joy in the winds of time

So that I may inspire the world silently
So that I may weep with joy
So that I may act with grace
So that I may enter the kingdom of Heaven while I live

And so be it.