The Rainbow Human

Like the rainbow which expresses all the colors, the Rainbow Human has accepted and embraced all aspects of Life.

He takes good care of both his body, heart, mind and soul. She remembers her family as well as her work. He studies both financial reports as well as spiritual works. She is equally at ease programming computers as she is with playing with young children.

He studies the ideas of great people on how to change the world, and practices improving the lives of those around him. She simplifies her life, facing her own demons and learning from her experiences. Before he tries to change the world, he sets an example for everyone else using his daily life. She faces life with a quiet confidence, firm in the knowledge that everything will be fine in the end.

While other people pollute the world, he will help to conserve it. While people complain about the working conditions, she will help to improve it. While people play their life away on Facebook games, he will take good care of his own life first. While other people  complain and protest about their global problems, she will rise up to solve them one day.

Rather than see the world as separate opposites competing or struggling with each other, he understands their hidden unity. Living in freedom, the world does not owe her a living, and neither does she owe the world anything.

It is with the attitude of unity and inner peace, that world peace becomes inevitable. The Rainbow Human strives to realize the greatest potential of him/herself and through this, the greatest potential of Humanity.