Using the Power of the Spoken Word

In Rainbow Life Coaching, we make extensive use of releasing statements. The process begins with the client entering a relaxed state and getting in touch with his/her subconscious. The facilitator will then guide the client to explore the desires, thoughts and emotions that surface. Each client will have a different experience: some will describe fantastic stories while others may only experience numbness.

Once a suitable target has been identified, the facilitator guides the client to re-experience his/her remembered pain and suffering. At the point when the client has fully entered into this state, the facilitator generate releasing statements with the help of his/her intuition. The client will then repeat those statements, intending it to be their choice and focusing their Will fully on the uttering of the statements.

The client will experience a huge emotional release upon uttering the suitable statements. He/she will be asked to repeat the same statement until the emotions have run dry. After that, he/she will continue declaring other statements until he/she feels empty.

Spoken words are special because they act as a bridge to bring the Higher Power down into our body. Speaking the words silently within our mind has no such effect.


Between what is easy and what is right
Between what I desire and who I am
Between what inspires me and what deadens me
Between what strengthens me and what weakens me

Rising to the challenges of Life
I know, I feel, I choose, I affirm
My Fake Shadows disappear
My True Self is expressed

I take only what is meant for me
Leaving the rest for the world
I do only what I am supposed to do
Leaving the rest for other people

If I take more than what I am meant to take
I lose more than what I am meant to lose
If I do more than what I am supposed to do
I get setbacks that I am not supposed to get

I may not feast like a king every day
But I have a meal that is meant for me
And that is delicious enough to be happy
I give my blessings to the kings of the world