Letting go of our fake stories

Coming to be born on Planet Earth is coming to experience the pain of unfulfilled desire – that which we desire to get is out of reach, that which we desire to keep will leave us, that which we desire to avoid comes to us. We face a constant inner struggle where we must choose what to sacrifice and what to keep; choosing which of our desires can take priority over others.

Only when we see that our desires and life conditions are irrelevant to our happiness, will we find our freedom from frustration and agony. This is the departure from the fake story that we tell ourselves – one in which we are the sufferer who is deprived of what we need. The inner struggle naturally drops away when realize that we don’t really require anything and are free to express our Authentic Self.

Fake stories (and their resulting pain) are useful because they drive us to evolve by providing us with a wide variety of experiences that we will otherwise not have undergone. Through our observations and experiences, we slowly gain wisdom about the world and the human experience. After we have dropped our story, this consolidated wisdom will be returned to the world for the benefit of the other people who still believe in their fake stories.

Coming into human being is coming to experience Goodness, Beauty, Meaning and Authenticity. When we have fake stories obstructing our view, we find it hard to see and live these four treasures in our lives. It is only after we have dropped our lies that we can experience the full splendor of Life and work freely with it to make the world a better place.


Between the ocean and outer space
Raindrops are born within the clouds
Falling steadily through the sky
Merging with the ocean again

Weaving through Existence and Potential
Crossing the veil between Birth and Death
Knowing the Eternal, Experiencing the Worldly
Wisdom, Maturity, Deliberation, Depth

Fish that can fly, birds that can dive
The secret bridge between worlds
The silent song that calls to our hearts
Grasping the truth that speaks for itself

The endless wardrobe of masks and costumes
The endless expressions of Individuality
The endless gallery of Meaningful Memories
The endless story of Being Human

The Planet of Life
The Blue Dish
The Pearl of the Galaxy
The Homeland of Humanity