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Most caregivers and autistics wish to find a way to get started on their new autism journey but may not see a need for regular coaching or consulting sessions. They may also have engaged a new service provider who needs a “tour guide” familiar with both autistic and non-autistic consciousness to explain the situation. This service addresses those needs.


Possible Topics:

1) How autism is experienced and how does that impact autistic people
2) Life, career and educational options for autistics
3) Why do autistic people have certain beliefs and how to coach autistic people to make better decisions
4) How to handle difficult life situations such as ableism and family conflicts
5) Solutions for learning advanced social skills such as applied drama training
6) How to approach autism awareness, advocacy and training work
7) Personal experiences with using nutritional supplements


Possible Uses:
1) To explain to psychotherapists, teachers or social workers how best to work with autistic clients
2) To help caregivers explore options for their autistic dependents
3) To help autistic people develop ways to solve the challenges associated with autism
4) To brainstorm ideas and get feedback for autism talks and events


The Informal Autism Consulting costs SGD$40 per hour online or SGD$60 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours in person. If more than two unrelated parties are participating, the rates will be SGD$20 per additional person.

This service is not meant to share my life story or experiences. No audio or visual recording is allowed. No report or additional documentation will be provided after the session. Members of the media need to inform me about the intent of using this service.

If the client chooses to meet at a time and location that requires payment (e.g. entry tickets, rental, food, drinks), the sponsor or client is responsible for paying these additional costs.