Rainbow Human » Human Wisdom » The Path of Inner Growth

We are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than human beings trying to obtain spiritual experiences. Thus, the path of inner development allows us to enter the human world regarding the spiritual reality we already live in using the four pathways below.

Firstly, we must consciously live in a relationship with all aspects of the human world. One way to visualize relationships (e.g., with our job, health, or family members) is to see them as beings with the capacity to think, feel, choose, and soul. Whatever we do in our lives, we remember and honor Relationships.

  • What does he/she/it look like?
  • How does he/she/it behave?
  • What does he/she/it wish to tell you?
  • How are you treating him/her/it?

Secondly, we are to express Life consciously. Life accepts what happens unconditionally and constantly expands into sterile areas. Hence, we are not downloading dead facts but experiencing a living relationship with our knowledge as we learn. We are not robotically following the requirements of the roles in our own lives but participating in the Circle of Life as we share our lives with others. Whatever we do in our lives, we remember and honor Life.

Thirdly, we are to bring potential into experience. This means that we make our inner concepts and understanding real so that they become a part of us (and of Life). For example, we may think we are good, but it will only remain an idea until we express this goodness in our choices. As we become more and more real, Knowing turns into Wisdom, Feeling to True Empathy, Choosing to Authenticity, and Souling to Completion. Whatever we do in our lives, we remember and honor Experience.

Lastly, Life evolves, and we are to grow along with it. Rather than aim for an end-point of perfection, we strive for a deepening of our personal as well as collective evolution. Rather than aim for a perfect solution, we adapt to what we have in the present moment. Whatever we do in our lives, we remember and honor Evolution.


Fold your wings
Innocent angel
Descend from the stars
Into your small cradle

Step lightly onto the ground
So that your soul may shine
Bringing your starlight
Unto the silent Earth

I am not truly me
Yet I am the One
Walking the untrodden path
All roads lead to Rome

The only time is now
The only place is here
The only person is facing me
The only deed is from my heart

Pride and Prejudice
Dogma and Denial
Ignorance and Illusion
I am human after all

I become Life
The creator of worlds
I become Death
The destroyer of worlds

Don’t run, walk slowly
Let your past catch up with you
Let your present hold hands with you
Let your future show you the way

Go on your sacred adventure
Embrace the unknown darkness
Surrender to the invisible star
Trust in your Higher Power

The birth of the Day
Is the death of the Night
I hold Eternity within my breath
And Infinity within my heart