Rainbow Human » Human Wisdom » Projects for a Better World

1) A network of “Rat Race Sanctuaries” to host the most talented and passionate people to come together to work on meaningful projects without worrying about their living expenses and having to work in a job. Basic accommodation, internally produced food, computers, and Internet services are provided. Residents take turns doing the necessary work to keep the facilities and supply services up. Where possible, each sanctuary is self-sustaining.

2) Research labs to pioneer practical technological solutions to reverse the harm that Humanity is doing to our planet, including alleviating the effects of climate change. Projects focus on high-impact areas that are currently neglected such as Salter Sinks that can stop hurricane formation and long-range water artillery that can put out forest fires.

3) Social enterprises that provide income to the coalition while helping to solve problems sustainably, such as automated food production and cheap medicine created by working around exploitative patents.

4) Schools for the Specially Gifted so the differently abled can learn how to use the gifts and talents that mainstream society dismisses. The schools will teach both the skills and the ethics of using such skills in the service of Humanity.

5) A Disaster Relief Agency capable of coming to the aid of any natural disaster victims within 24 hours, regardless of location, using predictive technologies to prepare responses in advance.

6) A network of Peace Centers where people can practice Inner Work and apply their skills to mediate conflicts and resolve inner difficulties for others open to the experience. These will carry out projects to promote World Peace by facilitating people, groups, and nations to apologize and reconcile with each other sincerely.

7) A Humanity’s Future Thinktank comprises the most forward-looking people in the world who will project different scenarios about Humanity’s Future and advocate for changes to help bring about positive scenarios.

8) A studio creating media, games, and virtual reality productions with positive messages and role models for Humanity. Instead of portrayals of senseless violence, scary beings, a dog-eat-dog world, and a hopeless future for Humanity, we will convey inspiring visions and experiences of Goodness, Beauty, Meaning, and Authenticity to all of Humanity.