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Growth and Decay form the foundation of inner work. Growth is like the sun: growing, expanding, strengthening, empowering, and succeeding. Growth opens up new possibilities and moves us forward in new directions. Decay is like the moon: letting go, turning away, surrendering, grieving, and failing. Decay scrubs away what we no longer need, who we no longer are, and where we no longer stand.

In a way, Growth and Decay are two sides of the same coin. Our physical body constantly changes; old cells are continually replaced by newly created cells. Likewise, the possessions, relationships, beliefs, emotions, and goals in our lives are constantly being replaced as we go through Life.

As we digest our experiences, a living wisdom slowly sprouts and grows within us. We learn to see success and setbacks, pleasure and pain, gaining and losing, coming and going as transitional instead of permanent. We learn to become more authentic, open to change, and willing to embrace Life. We learn to trust in Life, treasuring and working with what we have instead of complaining and making counterproductive choices. Once this living wisdom becomes our inner strength, we can then share it with others to inspire them to grow their living wisdom.

We have come to live the grandest version of the greatest vision we have ever held about who we are. Our Life is a bridge between potential and reality. The knowledge of how to build this bridge comes from our living wisdom. When we have grasped this wisdom, we will know that resources (wealth), time, ability, and ideas are merely potential. They are not real until and unless we convert them into what they are meant to do.

Many people believe that gold is more real than paper money, paper money is more real than digital cash, and digital cash is more real than cryptocurrencies. All these are not real at all. What is real is the food that nourishes us, the people who relate to us, and the experiences that we go through. When we value and use the real, we can experience real happiness.

The concept of effortless materialistic manifestation is based on a twisted understanding of this living process. Life is not a genie that grants worldly wishes. The artificially created unshakeable belief and clear visualization of a desired future state are the shadow analogs of inner wisdom and life missions. People who hold such views chase futilely after false, empty things. Beware of the materialistic wolf in spiritual sheep’s clothing.