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Humanity is now in a collective state of crisis: having abandoned the immeasurable soul with its meaning and dreams, having rejected the irrational emotions with desires and passions, having despised the body upon which it sees as a disposable defective machine, and only focusing on developing the mind and its thinking skills.

The trend we see today is to think of people as computers who need to have “imperfection” programmed away. Our organizations focus on achieving objectively measurable goals. Our research focuses on making humans more like perfect machines. Our education aims to rush children to become thinking adults. Our spirituality endorses standardized attainment of realization. “Being human” is increasingly seen as irrational, obsolete, and disgusting. Even something as fundamentally human as male and female is vanishing. When people witness what Humanity has done to Planet Earth and how it has abused animals as well as fellow humans, many of them feel that Humanity is the scum of the Universe, and their hearts long for its destruction.

Many people also cannot feel the Goodness-Beauty-Truth-Meaning in their lives, and believing that their existence is just a worthless false emptiness, are eager to eradicate themselves to end their suffering. These suicidal and escapist desires hitched upon the traditional religious concept of the endless cycle of suffering reincarnation, attracting many who pursue a connection with their souls by ironically cutting their souls out. These suicidal and escapist desires also hitched upon the traditional religious concepts of Doomsday and Heaven, leading some people to think that the world is filled with darkness, that Humanity is Evil, and that they themselves are also irredeemable. Hence, both Humanity and they should be destroyed as quickly as possible.

It is dangerous to believe that spiritual advancement is about eradicating the Ego and that Enlightenment is achieved when the Ego completely disappears. We have come to this world to express our authentic selves and share the power of Creation with Humanity using our style. Each of us is part of Creation: unique and with purpose. We have become human to grow, experience, and partake in the different aspects of Life. Our purpose of existence is to experience the world and not escape from this world and ourselves.


Scientific-based spirituality denies us everything that cannot be measured or quantified. Standardization-based spirituality assimilates us into uniform sameness. Behavioral-based spirituality turns us into lifeless algorithms and machines to be manipulated. Virtual-based spirituality disconnects us from ourselves and the world.

Combined, they form the Unholy Technological Quadrinity – the new Evil (also known as Hollowness) rapidly consuming Humanity’s Soul. We are entering a new Era where there is no Heaven and Hell to go to, no Higher Power to guide us, and no Base Power to tempt us, leaving us with only empty physical bodies run by computational algorithms.

We are human beings, guided by a higher power, inspired by the human heart, exercising our free will as creative agents, growing our wisdom through the struggles of suffering and temptation. In this era of change, we must remember the Goodness, Beauty, Meaning, and Authenticity of Creation. We must commit to being fully Human and live the Gospel of Creation in the real world. We must not turn away from our suffering and limitations but face them bravely and firmly.


Bridging the world of potential (possibilities) and the world of becoming (reality) is a power of Creation that we (human beings) are uniquely gifted with. With this power, we transcend facts and situations, rise above pleasure and suffering, and flow into the eternal evolution of Life. This power, which I call the soul, encompasses the intangible aspects of growing, inspiring, and choosing.

To grow is to embrace the world, to accept our life situation as it is, and then guide our destiny to maturity. To decay is to hide from the world, deny our life, and fade into emptiness.

To inspire is to create something fresh, bring new possibilities, and breathe life into the world. To assimilate is to absorb what was created, make them uniform, and then sterilize uniqueness and life out of them.

To choose is to structure one’s life in a meaningful direction, use it to shape the world, and realize one’s true nature. To abandon is to let random events control one’s destiny, to have nothing important to protect, and to rely on others.


Not everyone with a soul wants it, and everyone without a soul rejects it. Pinocchio, the Tin Man (in The Wizard of Oz), and Shuvi (of No Game No Life Zero) embody those who seek a soul to complete themselves. I am also part of these forces, having gone through a similarly arduous journey to uncover and reclaim my own soul.

To reclaim our soul, we must overcome three forces attacking Humanity today. The first attacks life, depriving us of joy and freedom. We feel dead and tired, enslaved as cogs in a machine. The second overloads inspiration, causing us to retreat from the physical world into ourselves. We feel empty and dissatisfied, trapped in the indulgences of a limited imagination. The third denies free will, crushing all meaning and passion in life by seeing the human being as a mere puppet run by algorithms. We feel contempt and disgust at the imperfect human being, wanting to become perfect and leaving behind the human condition forever.

The Borg of Star Trek and the infectious zombies in modern movies represent the third force of Hollowness, which seeks to assimilate people and erase their free will. This theme increasingly resonates with the worldly effects of science, rationality, and globalization in the modern world.


Yet surprisingly, many people seek to erase their own souls. Firstly, many of them hate Creation for bringing Evil, Imperfection, Pain, and all sorts of nasty things into Existence. Erasing the soul is an act of rebellion, a statement that they reject the Creation and all the Creative Powers they were granted.

Secondly, they wish to escape the pain and suffering inherent in this world. Having a soul also means opening one’s eyes to see Evil, Ugliness, Fakery, and Emptiness. With the soul, one must undergo the painful journey of confronting the dilemmas of free will, facing the pain of one’s choices, and coming to peace with the suffering surrounding oneself. Only through our own life experiences can we answer what meaning there is in the tale of blood, toil, tears, and sweat of Human Existence.

Lacking the support to deal with their soul journey, many people wish to end it prematurely. Having misunderstood some ancient religious philosophies, they seek to escape into the Unborn Emptiness where they cease all Thinking-Feeling-Willing-Souling and cut all ties with their soul story (often misunderstood as ‘karma’). As they commit the spiritual equivalent of suicide, they gain the illusion of becoming Enlightened and work diligently to deprive others of their souls, too.


It is at this moment in human evolution, full of hatred, despair, materialism, and rationality, that Humanity makes its Last Stand. This is no longer about Good and Evil but the Soul of Humanity itself. Without the Soul, there will be no Heaven, Hell, or other places to go. Without the Soul, all cultures and religions in the world will end. Without the Soul, there will be no reason why Humanity should choose to continue existing.

Humanity will either commit spiritual suicide with its own destructiveness or succeed in bringing Heaven to Earth. This is not a war that can be won by violence but by answering the age-old questions about what makes life worth living and what makes being human worthy.

Let us fight for our humanity and work together to counteract the violence, cruelty, and helplessness in this world. True spirituality will never be obsolete. In the name of Creation, I grant a soul unto those who seek to erase my soul.