Rainbow Human » Human Wisdom » 9 Personal Responsibilities

We have a hierarchy of 9 personal responsibilities.

Environmental: We are responsible for ensuring that the surroundings where we spend our time and the situations in which we place ourselves are healthy for us. A healthy living environment starts with doing the household chores. Unhealthy environments also include places with a lot of sensory pollution (e.g., loud noises).

Nutritional: We have a responsibility to take only healthy food and drinks. For instance, we should avoid stimulants, sugary, and artificial drinks, all of which can cause dependency and other health problems.

Bodily: We are responsible for ensuring that our body has sufficient care. Physical checkups, dental appointments, daily aerobic exercises, and maintaining good hygiene are good ways to support our body.

Financial: We are responsible for staying in good financial health so that we have enough money to live a sustainable lifestyle. Having good cash flow, staying debt-free, avoiding risky investments, keeping enough savings, and having sufficient insurance coverage are good ways to support our finances.

Spiritual: We are responsible for staying in good spiritual health so that we can be constantly inspired to live our purpose in life. Staying connected to our Higher Power, doing meaningful work, and making the world better are good ways to strengthen our spiritual health.

Intellectual: We are responsible for developing our minds and expanding our knowledge. Learning new facts, skills, and ideas can provide a good foundation. Engaging in intellectually intensive work such as solving problems, design work, programming, translation, and writing research papers can help further.

Emotional: We have a responsibility to stay in good emotional health. Reflecting on and expressing our emotions, plus questioning our beliefs, are ways to maintain a positive and open attitude to life.

Sensual: We are responsible for enjoying our life in the body in a wholesome and balanced manner. Enjoying sensual experiences such as music, dancing, massages, and eating delicious food can help make life a much better experience.

Social: We are responsible for developing healthy relationships with others and fulfilling our social roles (including within our own family). Finding a place where we belong and people with whom we can share our innermost world provides much meaning and pleasure in life.