Rainbow Human » Hidden World » A Teaspoon of Skepticism

1) Orbs in photographs are not spiritual beings but simply dust particles reflecting your camera’s flash towards the camera. The “faces” we sometimes see in the orbs are our brain’s overzealous effort to find patterns in random data. To make the orbs disappear, stop using the camera flash when shooting.

2) Floaters, which look like white dots floating in the blue sky) are not spirit particles. They are caused by tiny bits of harmless tissue floating in the fluid of our eyeballs. Looking at a clear blue sky (or even a white wall) allows us to perceive them more easily.

3) Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) is not an objective manner to obtain information. Since both the test and test subjects know about the substances or premises they are testing, the test is subjected to subconscious psychological effects. For instance, the tester may push subtly harder or softer depending on the item being tested. To disprove this, ensure that neither the tester nor the test subject knows the contents of the tested items, and conduct the test many times. The results often end up no better than chance.

4) Homeopathy has a flawed official explanation of how it works. Even if we assume that some form of subtle energy is indeed imprinted onto water that has been diluted many times, energy imprints from the container performing the dilution, the air that the water is exposed to, and the sugar cube that hosts the energy imprints will quickly overwhelm the original energy.

5) Water responding to emotions, such as in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment, can be easily debunked. Perform the experiments of loving or hateful words as suggested, but let someone who does not know the type of energy in the water do the classification. There are so many possible facets of crystals in frozen water that one can easily choose the type of crystal formation to photograph if one has the label in mind.

6) Optical illusions, random noise, or pranks best explain phenomena where so-called spiritual beings appear in photographs. Those with scientific knowledge can easily debunk most of these. Spiritual beings do not exist in the physical plane; if a person cannot sense them directly, using physical instruments, photos, and voice recordings won’t make a difference. However, these effects can be detected indirectly by their impact on the human mind and body.