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I think long-term: I plan for at least 50 years.
We look at the big picture and the long-term implications, aiming for self-reliant and self-sustainable solutions rather than dependency and one-off easy fixes. Even if we do not get a chance to impact others significantly, we can at least care for ourselves and our families, leaving a mini legacy we can pass on to the next generation.



Our true work begins when we are unsure of what to do.
Our true journey begins when we are unsure of where to go.
Our true conversation begins when we are unsure of what to say.
Our true learning begins when we are unsure of what to learn.

Our true destiny appears when we are unsure of what to choose.
To achieve what others could not achieve, we must do what they have not done.
We are the brave adventurers who clear a path into the Unknown.
Stepping on the Path of the Small but Mighty!



Guided by both financial and spiritual wisdom.
Familiar with both technology and psychology.
Knowing both future trends and historical situations.
We have studied all important and strategic knowledge.

To serve or be served, we are confident no matter what role we play.
We can be gentle or tough, trusting or skeptical, expressive or reserved.
We change with the world by having flexible knowledge, personality and mentality.
Stepping on the Path of the Small but Mighty!



The concept that can be described is not the true concept.
The word is not the object, the map is not the territory.
When someone points, look past the finger at the object it is pointing at.
Do not be possessed by reasoning and knowledge; break out of our self-created limitations.

Only wisdom can strengthen faith and convince logic.
Bring potential and reality together; move freely among opposing concepts.
Embrace possibilities beyond words and flexibility beyond logic.
Stepping on the Path of the Small but Mighty!



The best teacher brings the most to mastery, is not the one with the most students.
The best healer brings the most to good health, is not the one with the most patients.
The best technician prevents future damage, is not the one with the most customers.
The best leader empowers everyone to lead, is not the one with the most followers.

What is it that we can do to complete ourselves and to complete others?
Our goal is not credit for our contributions, but to achieve our Life Mission.
We empower people of affinity according to what completes their true nature.
Stepping on the Path of the Small but Mighty!



It is easy to criticise the work of others but not to do better than them.
It is easy to copy what everyone else is doing but not to create new possibilities.
It is easy to get a quick burst of fame but not to remain influential.
It is easy to create small improvements with great wealth but not revolutionary change with few resources.

When we have little time, resources and influence,
Every step must be considered and chosen carefully.
We rise to meet the challenge with our ingenuity,
Stepping on the Path of the Small but Mighty!



What we cannot see is just as important as what we can see.
Invisible radiation and viruses bring silent death.
Gravity holds the world together just as relationships hold people together.
What is implied is even more important than what is spoken.

That which cannot be measured still exists.
That which cannot be described is still true.
Strive to open the eyes of wisdom and see the Hidden Worlds.
Stepping on the Path of the Small but Mighty!



When there is no war, there is no need for soldiers.
When there is no disease, there is no need for doctors.
When there is no ignorance, there is no need for educators.
When there is no poverty, there is no need for philanthropists.

It does not matter if we are forgotten, as long as we have changed Humanity for the better.
We facilitate each other to achieve our aspiration of becoming obsolete.
It is only when we become unemployed that we have accomplished our work.
Stepping on the Path of the Small but Mighty!



We partake Goodness and live with integrity.
We enjoy Beauty and live with happiness.
We understand Reality and live with prosperity.
We realise Meaning and live with purpose.

Each of us has a purpose to fulfil, a path to develop and a niche to thrive.
Each of us uses our lives to build a bridge to enter the Infinite Eternal.
It is not unattainable but inevitable that we find our way home.
Stepping on the Path of the Small but Mighty!



We were granted a soul to acquire experience in the limited temporal imperfection.
Distilling these into wisdom through mastering life, which we give to our Creator in exchange.
The purpose of existence is growth; the price of wisdom is suffering.
The day when Humanity ends paradoxical duality is the day when Humanity comes to an end.

What cannot be measured and defined exists; while what we think exists is not truly real.
Do not allow ourselves to be Hollowified by False Perfection & Impersonated Enlightenment,
To become the standardised clones of permanent uniform sameness.
In the name of the Creation, I grant a soul to those with no soul.



Deep insights are for the beginners, simple understandings are for the advanced.
When thinking, feeling and willing give way, the hidden innate souling arises.
No achieving, no mastering, no doing; yet actively changing the world.
No preparation, no forcing, no wanting; drama naturally ends when perceived by clear simplicity.

With the true path, discipline naturally arises without imposing discipline.
With the right wisdom, insight naturally expresses itself without experiencing insight.
With the inclusive compassion, kindness naturally arises without wanting to be kind.
Subtle and sublime is the revelation of hidden perfection through every person.



To attain leadership, one must serve others.
To attain truth, one must be familiar with lies.
To attain strength, one must first admit weaknesses.
To attain clarity, one must willingly enter into confusion.

To attain unity, one must have tasted separation.
To attain forgiveness, one must have known hatred.
To attain inclusion, one must have accepted intolerance.
To attain mastery, one must have experienced incompetence.


I find my unique niche: I work on becoming an expert in an area in which I am highly talented.
We carefully choose what we specialize in in a hyper-competitive world of artificial intelligence and cheap foreign talent. When we are in an unusual situation or have to make radically different choices, we create our own path rather than imitate other people’s strategies. We actively embrace the uncertainty of trying the unknown and the excitement of making new possibilities.