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I am a team player: I improvise solutions together with others.
As we do with ourselves, we pay attention to the concerns, strengths, and weaknesses of people in our team. We find ways to contribute where we can most help while deferring to others more competent than us. We have to be willing to be flexible and compromise with others.



Creators make new possibilities, preservers maintain order, destroyers force change.
The world is not black and white; it has different colours including those we could not see.
Light exists because of Darkness; having only one Color is no Color.
Likewise, diversity in the world allows each member’s full magnificence to be shown.

An instrument alone plays a simple tune with its unique style.
Many instruments together play a masterpiece while retaining all the unique styles.
We seek out the rest of our orchestra when we seek to create change.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Delicious food requires quality ingredients.
Great artwork requires quality workmanship.
High-performing computers require quality components.
Highly effective organisations require quality employees.

Only a diamond can cut another diamond.
Quality people choose only those with excellent ability and attitude as their partners.
To build a quality team, we strive to become quality teammates first.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Numbers and diversity are insufficient; strategic arrangements are required.
People are usually the most unpredictable and unreliable factor in planning.
An understanding of the situation and the direction of each person is needed.
Pure talent is not enough; teammates must also share the same attitude and aspirations.

People often speak about fairness, balance and compromise between people.
But it is combining people with complimentary skills and personalities unleashes potential.
We seek to realise a greater potential and build a greater unity among people.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Good teamwork gets more work done than the sum of members combined.
A combination of different abilities creates a stronger existing ability.
Great teamwork multiplies possibilities; many more achievements are now within reach.
A combination of different abilities gives birth to a new powerful ability.

The model we use to understand people is not the reality these people exist in.
There is much more that we do not know than we do know.
We remain open to a greater potential of people than we realise.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



A gift can turn into a curse, a misfortune can turn into a blessing.
The exotic bird loses its freedom while the crooked tree is safe from becoming firewood.
Lottery winners often find their lives worse after squandering their wealth.
The wise do not celebrate or complain, feel proud or ashamed; they are simply confident.

If we find it hard to lie, then strive to be honest so people can trust us.
If we find it hard to socialise, then strive to maximise productivity in our lives alone.
We turn permanent disadvantages into permanent advantages.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Strength alone is not enough; not covering the weakest link will cause the team to break.
We need not be the best in the world or in everything; just the best in our niche will do.
Fight only battles where we can win; compete only where we have an advantage.
Contribute where others are not contributing, deliver what is missing in this world.

What we are born with must be developed to realise potential; fate is not passive.
Opportunities need to be taken advantage of; luck is not passive.
The entire world is our team.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



We breathe in the world around us through our senses.
Digesting our experiences and distilling wisdom through reflection.
We breathe out into the world with our speech and actions.
Using the fruits of our inner world to complete the outer world for a happy ending.

We are more than a drop of water in the ocean; we are also the entire ocean.
What is it that the world can give to us, and that we can give to the world?
We participate actively in the world, changing it as we change ourselves.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



People like to think that they understand the causes of success and failure.
The world is not simple, linear, independent and explainable.
Historical extrapolation hides the unknown probability of bankruptcy and disaster.
Complex explanations are useless, but simple explanations easily mislead.

One may attain rapid success or fame, but a downfall can happen far faster.
Inpatient ambitious people can succeed spectacularly, then fail even more spectacularly.
We take action only after establishing a strong foundation and a sufficient margin.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



When the world changes, we change with the world.
Time is needed for strategies to unfold, for people to mature.
Every day is a new day; past opinions give way to future opinions.
We must not hesitate to change decisively, to adapt rapidly.

Unconventional situations require unconventional people and tactics.
The disadvantaged must embrace unconventional tactics to create breakthroughs.
We see gold where others see garbage, we see the future where others see the past.
Because we are Small but Mighty!


I am a good teammate: I discipline myself to be competent and trustworthy.
People of high quality only want to partner with those of high quality. We develop the most essential criteria that people look for in teammates: others can trust us to get the job done well. With a good reputation, we will find it easy to get good partners and employment.