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I listen before I speak: I treat others as part of myself.
We listen. We seek to understand others before making ourselves understood. We can explain ourselves and convince others to support us. People ask to hear what we say because it makes sense and addresses their concerns/needs. Our opinions are valued to the extent that people seek us out to become their advisors.



No one has ever truly known another; only our own stories about each other.
When we interact with others, we are interacting with our story characters.
How people behave is nothing personal; they are just dealing with their stories.
When people reject us, it simply means we don’t match what they want the world to be.

As artists, we are free to create our world the way we like using the power of stories.
Our stories are only true because we believe in them; they may not be true to others.
We remain open and respectful while knowing these are just stories.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



How are we useful to the world?
What are the strengths that we can use to contribute to the world?
What can we do for others that they cannot do for themselves?
How can we support others in achieving their goals?

People are not interested in us just because we are different.
People are interested in us because we are relevant to their personal story.
We make ourselves useful by enabling them to craft their stories.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Rather than telling people what to do, we can entrust them to own the process and implement it.
Rather than providing external support, we can facilitate them to exercise their own will and effort.
What are the required responsibilities and results?
What are the guidelines and rules?

What are the resources and support?
How are people accountable for results; what happens if they are not met?
We choose to be leaders and not managers.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Before speaking out about what we think, feel and want,
Listen and understand what others think, feel and want.
Advocacy is not just educating others about our situation and welfare.
Advocacy is also educating ourselves to understand others’ situation and welfare.

We learn widely from many people and disciplines.
We strive to deepen our wisdom and develop our competency.
We develop our expertise so that people will naturally seek our advice.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Everyone has a different destiny, situation and station in life.
When we see successful people, choose to be happy for them.
Study their successes and see how we can use these to create our success.
We aspire to get what should belong to us, not what should belong to others.

The cockroach can survive a nuclear blast, but not the elephant.
Do not underestimate the weak and small with their different ways to thrive.
We will improvise, adapt and overcome.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



When we try to act as teachers, it is often due to our fear of being students.
As students, we admit our ignorance, imperfections, irrationality and vulnerability.
Our world is our perception, our perception is our world.
When we expand our range of perception, we expand our world.

Our disadvantage means that being normal and ordinary is our weakness.
Our strength is being exceptional and our role models are other exceptional people.
We will boldly do what no one has done, go where no one has gone.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



We act as a role model for others to follow.
We create paths towards new possibilities.
We convince people to support us.
We serve and guide people.

We demonstrate determination and initiative.
We enjoy working together and making things happen.
We use actionable and pragmatic means to achieve results.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



A cause beyond personal survival is necessary to motivate people.
Each of us needs a motivator to start and a catalyst to strengthen the motivator.
Solving the bottlenecks is just as important as uncovering the motivators.
When we yearn to explore the oceans, building a ship is no longer a chore.

Some of what is beneficial in small amounts is harmful in large amounts.
What is good for us may be bad for others.
We clarify and consider the situation and needs of everyone before we act.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



To see what the eye cannot see; that is insight.
To say what must be spoken; that is to be outspoken.
The Inconvenient Truth hides while the Convenient Lies run rampant.
Remain silent if we have nothing good to say; remain inactive if we have nothing good to do.

Be careful the label that we identify as; it can constrain us severely without us realising.
We should keep only as much identity as we need to do our work.
We serve the world by simply doing what others do not wish to do, or cannot do.
Because we are Small but Mighty!


I am aware of the costs I impose on others: I appreciate how others have supported me.
We are considerate and care about others. When we request help, we consider the costs we impose on others and try to minimize them. When we offer a deal, we consider the rewards for others and try to maximize them without depriving ourselves of our fair share. We are fair in our relationships, becoming profitable partners and valuable allies.