Rainbow Human » Essence » 07 Trustworthy

I fulfill my responsibilities: I give to myself what belongs to me and to others what belongs to them.
We do what we must do. We deliver what we promised. We pay the cost of following rules and moral values to set an example for others. No matter how talented an actor is, he is useless if he does not turn up for his performance. Likewise, we ensure we turn up for Life to fulfill our roles responsibly.



Empathy paired with devotion; we support.
Discipline paired with honesty; we restrain.
Striving paired with responsibility; we lead.
Learning paired with awe; we follow.

Talent and abilities are important but useless when multiplied by a zero attitude.
Charity, Reliability, Humility, Proactivity: the engines for releasing our raw potential.
We focus on attitudes to build the foundation of our abilities.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Whatever we choose, we must give up what else we could have chosen originally.
Even if there is more to lose than gain, we will still have to do it.
When we make a promise, we must give up what else we could have done.
Promises are expensive, but we will still grant them carefully.

The way we touch the world is the way that the world touches us back.
Meaning is attained by willingly making sacrifices for a higher purpose.
We are more than individuals; we are one Humanity.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



A ‘no’ that I say to others is a ‘yes’ I say for myself.
We do not have to pretend, other people do not have to guess.
No matter if we lie or tell the truth, other people can still hate and leave us.
We might as well make life easier for ourselves by speaking truthfully.

Politics is about saying only what is needed to achieve a goal.
History is about telling an accurate and full account of what happened.
We choose to speak the truth with both courage and compassion.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



The honest and naive seems have no chance of winning against the cunning and deceptive.
Yet both can still co-exist within the world.
The former are favoured as trusted employees and partners.
Whereas the latter are shunned and avoided.

Both the deceptive and the honest have their value and way of survival.
If we cannot lie and deceive, then we have no choice but to do good.
We remain open to the possibility that what seems bad may actually be good for us.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Be clear about what we need and who we accept.
Is there something we do not have which we must get from others?
Or is everything perfectly fine and we are simply happy to be with another?
One type of relationship is an exchange, another type is unconditional acceptance.

Unconditionally ‎accepting others is impossible in a world with limitations.
It is more important that we accept reality rather than try to live in a fantasy.
Working with what is feasible, we strive to impose as few conditions as possible.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Each person has a reputation account with us where we can deposit or withdraw favours.
We keep track of people who we interact with – whether they have helped or harmed us.
People have different preferences – a deposit for us may be a withdrawal for others.
Some things are universally important: kindness, integrity, reliability, ability.

We choose to understand what others value and desire.
We choose to pay attention to how our behaviour and decisions impact others.
We choose to be helpful and build positive reputations with people.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Pleasure without conscience creates abuse.
Wealth without effort creates exploitation.
Knowledge without character creates harm.
Worship without sacrifice creates hypocrisy.

Politics without principle creates tragedies.
Spirituality without humanity creates hollowness.
We choose not to pursue the impossible fruit.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Being human is not simple; free will springs from a tangle of dilemmas and paradoxes.
We may hide the truth to live the truth; break a promise to keep another promise.
Everything in this world requires a price; choice is the price of our existence.
We must go beyond reasoning’s limitations to find a way to complete the dilemmas.

We pay attention to our life for cues we can use; what we have is what we need.
We welcome the dilemma and ask what True Acceptance would do.
We have the courage to commit to the answer we get.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



The untested potential vs the proven established,
The desire to renew vs respect for traditions,
To move on to the future or to stay with the past,
The struggle between the youth and elderly dividing Humanity.

Excess is harmful: no matter change or tradition, trust or skepticism.
Each of us has different ways of growth, contribution and succeeding.
We judge people not only by who they are today, but also who they will become tomorrow.
Because we are Small but Mighty!


I am trustworthy and reliable: People trust me to keep promises and secrets.
We have a good reputation: People know they can count on us to discharge our promises and protect their interests. We are a source of certainty in an uncertain world. The trust can pay dividends, such as when people employ us over another more competent but less trustworthy candidate.