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I invest in myself: I invest in and take care of myself.
We pay attention to how we live our lives and where we neglect ourselves. Ensuring good nutrition, doing regular health check-ups, quitting bad habits, getting appropriate insurance coverage, mastering a wide range of employable skills, automating mundane chores, etc., lets us continue to succeed. We become better each day until we can achieve our aspirations, however ambitious they might be.



Are sensory pleasures and enjoying each moment the most important to us?
Are career advancement and mastery of skills the most important to us?
Are fulfilling social obligations and honouring traditions the most important to us?
Are developing our full potential and realising our true nature the most important to us?

We must make use of limited time and resources to attain unlimited achievements.
Refusing to consider our death is refusing to consider our life.
We are honest with ourselves about what is it that we truly want to achieve with our life.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



People think possessions bring happiness: money, pleasure, power, knowledge.
But it is absence that brings happiness: no worries, disease, tragedies, lies.
What we have is for showing off, what we lack is for our enjoyment.
Without desires and delusions, we find satisfaction in simple living free of drama.

Desires come with the body, are enhanced by the mind, but are ultimately not of us.
We live fully in this world while knowing that we are not ruled by this world.
We choose to always question what we think we need.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



The most profitable investment is ourselves.
Accept what we cannot yet change and focus on what we can change.
As we change what we can change, we gain experiences, abilities and achievements.
As we gain these, we will be able to change what we previously cannot change.

What we cannot do today, we can improve ourselves to be able to do in the future.
It may take years or decades, but the time when we succeed will arrive.
We have the patience to wait and the discipline to persist.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



To find our way around the world, understand the ways of the world first.
The ways of people – cultures, paradigms and communication
The ways of change – politics, economics and technology
The ways of the mind – psychology, perception and meaning

Observing examples of how people create and use tools in various situations,
Together with the likely risks and dangers we should be prepared for,
We become aware of and learn how to use our potential and possibilities.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Travelling without rest, deciding without reflection.
Studying without application, surviving without purpose.
Success without foundation, persuasion without substance.
When the pendulum reaches an extreme, it automatically reverses towards the other.

Reasoning, emotions and desires are good servants but bad masters.
If we do not take control of them, then they will take control of us.
We are careful not to push the tools beyond what they are meant to serve.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



A crisis forces us to choose which of the two prices to pay: to remain the same or to change.
No matter how large the number, whatever multiplied by zero is still zero.
The problem cannot be solved with the same thinking used to create it.
Those who fail to change their thinking also fail to change the situation.

Acknowledge the benefits and comfort we are getting by remaining the same.
Boldly plunge into the uncertainty and chaos that change entails.
Make concrete commitments to do whatever it takes to complete the change.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Death, destruction and departure are a natural part of growth.
Flowers wither to make way for fruits, caterpillars disintegrate to make way for butterflies.
Refusing to grow into our destiny is to choose to wither away into meaninglessness.
It is meaningless to turn back to the old times, counterproductive to reverse progress.

Stop looking for answers in the place where we have lost our way.
Accepting reality takes courage; changing reality takes wisdom.
We drink directly from the spring of Eternal Inspiration instead of the ancient still water.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Firstly, the situation must be fertile for change.
Secondly, there must exist a desire for change at a subconscious level.
Thirdly, we must become aware of and form this desire into an intention.
Fourthly, we must describe the intention into detailed concepts and instructions.

Fifthly, the details must be translated into the physical, in a firm yet compassionate manner.
Sixthly, the physicalised concepts must be debugged and optimised to maturity.
To obtain suitable results, we pay attention to every stage of creation.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



History rhythms; what was old becomes new and what was new becomes old.
The gentle taming of the storm will bring about an era of prosperity, progress and unity.
But the imperfect waves must never cease, for that will be the end of Humanity.
Wisdom is born from ignorance, light from darkness, satisfaction from dissatisfaction.

Everyone knows when the hen lays an egg while the turtle lays thousands in secret.
True strategic work is done discreetly; the foundation of great change is laid quietly.
We let go of chasing fame and credit so that our success is owned by the world.
Because we are Small but Mighty!


I know when to quit: I stop wasting time on unsustainable choices and unworkable efforts.
No matter how hard we try, most dreams will not happen. Sometimes, we are ahead of our time and must wait for people to understand our work. Most likely, we have a fatal blind spot or flaw that makes it impossible to achieve success. Most people will not bother to inform us, but those who do tend to criticize harshly. To avoid wasting our short lives, we must develop the self-awareness and wisdom to know when to cut unworkable goals, leave harmful situations, and drop problematic people/partners.