Rainbow Human » Essence » 04 Self-Reliant

I am personally responsible: I may be small but mighty.
Every decision begins with us; every consequence ends with us. When a problem seems too complicated, we improvise a workable solution. When we are wrong, we come clean and apologize. When we make mistakes, we learn to avoid making the same mistakes again. We take inspiration from the great people who succeeded despite overwhelming odds against them.



Evict discrimination from our minds; the most dangerous discrimination is our own.
We cannot live as equals with others if we insist on being treated unequally.
We cannot be free to choose if we rely on others’ charity and patience.
We cannot break free from our limitations if we insist that they will always be part of us.

Words are powerful weapons of mass-creation.
Question the assumptions about our disability, connotations about our disadvantage.
Use our ingenuity and hard work to make it so that we are equal.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Others may look down on us, but we must never look down on ourselves.
We must not act in a way that gives people excuses to look down on us.
We do not have to be proud or ashamed of our differences.
We must be confident in our abilities to handle whatever we encounter.

One day, we will achieve success and look back.
There was a time when people said that we could not make it, but we did.
There was a time when troubles seem too much for us to take, but we did.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Treat others with respect and understanding.
Take what belongs to us and give unto others what belongs to them.
Ask ourselves to help us before we ask others to help us.
Do what we must do well; ensure that our responsibilities are neither too little or too much.

Rights are meaningless without obligations.
Before asking others to do their role, ensure that we have done our role first.
We choose to be responsible for ourselves.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



When people do not help us, we have to help ourselves.
When people do not protect us, we have to protect ourselves.
When people do not care about us, we have to care for ourselves.
When people do not appreciate us, we have to appreciate ourselves.

We do not need university degrees and paper qualifications.
We do not need lots of money and professional support.
We can succeed with our ingenuity and hard work – right here, right now.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



We cannot expect people to treat us better than we treat ourselves.
If we describe ourselves as defective and inferior, then others will describe us as such.
If we treat ourselves as incompetent and unreliable, then others will treat us as such.
If we expect ourselves to be losers and failures, then others will expect us as such.

Treat ourselves with respect and dignity, starting with our language.
Demonstrate our competency and responsibility regardless of our disadvantages.
We work hard to become the best in the world where it matters to us.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Help from others does not come free; we give away control to those helping us.
We cannot be equal if we only know how to take but not how to give.
We are the only person who we can rely on to fulfil our destiny and live our dreams.
To realise our full potential, we must find our way of making important contributions.

Like newly independent Singapore, we do not need foreign aid to survive.
We can build and attract opportunities with our true worth and value.
We stand tall, not as a colony of another nation but as an sovereign nation.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Those who followed their passions and failed do not make the news.
Those rejected for competitions and grants are not mentioned.
People easily forgot the second person who achieved a great feat.
Always be aware that what works for some people may not work for us.

Instead of asking others what is best, what do they think, what is the trend now.
We look towards what we wish to achieve and what works to get us to our goals.
We have the confidence to decide our destiny and the courage to try unknown possibilities.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Wisdom can only be gained by experience; experience can only be gained through choice.
Each choice is a chance to show what we truly value and then to experience the results.
Choosing with the awareness of the price we must pay is an act of pure self-creation.
It is through self-creation that we draw ourselves into existence.

Courageously confronting difficult choices is the only way for us to grow.
We have to choose; even refusing to choose is also a choice.
Suffering and pain are the price that we gladly pay for wisdom.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



We cannot expect others to understand us; it is our responsibility to understand ourselves.
We cannot expect others to support us; it is our responsibility to support ourselves.
We cannot expect others to accept us; it is our responsibility to accept ourselves.
We cannot expect others to decide for us; it is our responsibility to decide for ourselves.

Faced with adversity; we either do whatever it takes to succeed or give up.
The more unreliable other people are, the more reliable we must become.
We take full responsibility for our choices and our lives.
Because we are Small but Mighty!


I take charge: I do whatever it takes to solve my problems.
We are self-reliant. Rather than depending on others, we support ourselves whenever we can. We are responsible for solving our problems; others are our assistants, facilitators, and mentors. It is tempting to blame others and demand that they fix our problems, but that makes us powerless, unhappy, and stuck. With this foundation of ownership, we become the ideal person we wish to be.