Rainbow Human » Essence » 03 Resilient

I trust in Reality: I know the world is good, meaningful, beautiful, and true.
Unexpected bad things happen to us, and we may lose something dear. Unanticipated good things can also occur, and we may gain something precious. What is a bad situation can become a good one, and vice-versa. When we trust in the world, we can bounce back from setbacks, losses, and obstacles. We are courageous when facing challenges and difficulties, which we see as part of our journey towards success.



Whatever we feel about the past is re-created in the present when we think of it.
The past has gone and cannot be changed; the future has yet to be created.
We are a different person in a different world at every moment.
When we dwell on the past or future, then we cannot truly live in the present.

We can attain the next level of self-awareness by observing what we think of others.
We also display all the qualities that we perceive in others.
We choose to make our lives a process of creation, not re-enactment.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Let us assume that there is a powerful benevolent force protecting us.
Let us assume that physical death is not the end for us.
Let us assume that everything will work out well in the end.
We do not have to reason out why; we only need to trust.

Live confidently and be grateful in advance for what is to come.
Live with confidence ready to meet death at any time.
We remain firm and clear regardless of pain or pleasure, success or failure.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



It is easy to see the pain and suffering of the world.
It is easy to criticise people and their decisions.
It is easy to see the flaws and limitations of creations.
It is easy to make oneself feel terrible and frustrated.

We choose to perceive the goodness, beauty, authenticity and meaning.
We choose to accept rather than to criticise, to construct rather than to destroy.
We choose to assume that the world will support us.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Our true work begins at the edge of our comfort zone.
When we decide to achieve something, obstacles will naturally appear.
What we resist will persist; what we let go will also let go of us.
It is not what we do, but which role we choose to perform, that is our most important work.

Beware of the Inner Beast that makes us focus only on our physical bodies.
Beware of the Inner Hollow that makes us escape from our physical bodies.
We choose to be part of this world without letting it trap us within it.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



When we receive challenges, let us welcome and go along with them.
Live life as an improvised performance where we unconditionally accept all offers.
And then playfully explore the new possibilities to express our true character.
Fulfilling our purpose and role in the performance as we live our lives.

We do not always have to take everything seriously and follow all the rules.
The solutions are often already available; we just have yet to notice them.
We choose to stay open to possibilities and make the best of our situation.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Money is useless until it is spent.
Dreams are useless until they are realised.
Rules are useless until they are enforced.
Lives are useless until they are lived authentically.

Wisdom can only be realised with reflection and observation of experiences.
Character can only be realised with difficult choices and effort.
We are willing to pay the price to fulfill our destiny and who we truly are.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



This world is not a school, court of law, prison, bank or factory.
Once we understand this truth, we can stop drowning in our expectations and worries.
We did not come to this world to become robots that follow instructions blindly.
Rehearsing with scripts to produce fully predictable results will only backfire on us.

Having any form of guarantee defeats the purpose of living itself.
Some risk is necessary; unpredictability expected; hard choices required.
We choose to open up and grow, to accept and embrace the world.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Sometimes we must do what we dislike so that we can do what we like.
Sometimes we must give up what we want before we can achieve it.
Sometimes we must understand the wisdom of humility before we can be influential.
Sometimes we must understand the wisdom of failure before we can succeed.

Apparent contradictions are a natural part of life.
Plans, rules and goals are never set in stone.
We choose to be open to the surprises and guidance of the world.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



A tourist experiences comfortable fakery, an adventurer experiences risky reality.
What comes easy goes easy; what requires personal sacrifice is treasured.
The pursuit of safety breeds fragility, the pursuit of stability breeds instability.
When the road to success is paved with comfort, we lose the opportunity to grow.

Without pain and struggle, wisdom and maturity elude us.
The question is the answer; the hindrance is the support; the darkness is the light.
We welcome the reality of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.
Because we are Small but Mighty!


I accept Change: I always remember that everything is transient.
Change happens no matter whether we welcome it or not. While we can imagine the best and worst scenarios, we know neither will likely occur. While limited in what we can do, we can take realistic precautions and remain mildly optimistic. We are cautious in sacrificing our time and effort to accumulate resources that we might not live to enjoy. We also avoid enjoying what we already have without preparing for what might happen.