Rainbow Human » Essence » 02 Acceptance

I accept Reality: I do not grumble, blame others, or justify myself.
Staying pragmatic and grounded in the real world helps us live happier lives. If we are born mice, we don’t compare ourselves with tigers, eagles, and whales. Instead, we use the advantages of being a mouse to succeed. It is tempting to want to live in a non-existent world and complain about unfairness, but this frustrates us while achieving nothing.



We did not ask to be disadvantaged.
We did not ask to experience pain and suffering.
We did not ask to endure misunderstanding and exclusion
It feels easy to just give up, but there is more to life than enduring suffering.

People may judge us based on our past, but we must judge ourselves based on our future.
Likewise, do not give up on Humanity because of its past; believe in its future potential.
We choose growth over decay, truth over delusion, courage over escape.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Our lives are always changing, often in directions that we dislike.
To insist on re-experiencing what we used to have makes us unhappy.
To insist on experiencing what are not meant to have makes us unhappy.
To insist on experiencing what has yet to exist makes us unhappy.

It is only by letting go of the story that we have created, can we end our life dramas.
It is only by letting go of what is false, can we be happy with reality.
Neither time nor space can stop us from experiencing our innate peace.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



We project ideas, values, assumptions and expectations onto what we perceive.
We worry, regret, resent and celebrate things that do not exist.
We complain about people, wishing to change them into someone they are not.
Let us stop making the world more complicated than it is.

We are our only hope; the world will not change until we change.
The people and situations in our lives will keep trying to remind us of that.
Let our mind become a clear mirror that shows the world as it really is, without our story.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



It is easy to question others’ reasoning, but hard to question our reasoning.
It is easy to see the flaws of others, but hard to see the flaws in ourselves.
It is easy to complain about others, but hard to accept complaints about ourselves.
It is easy to confront others about their issues, but hard to confront ourselves for our issues.

If we do not demand people to love us, we will not be angry if they hate us.
When we stop taking things personally, we can forcing the world to change.
We choose to confront ourselves and let go of others.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Can we welcome this belief/desire/emotion?
How do we behave when we believe this belief/desire/emotion?
How do we behave if it is impossible to have this belief/desire/emotion?
What benefits do we get for having this belief/desire/emotion?

Is there a joyful reason to keep this belief/desire/emotion?
When can we let go of this belief/desire/emotion?
We choose to stop hiding from ourselves; we choose to let our truth set us free.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Are we really better or worse than others?
Do we really deserve or not deserve something?
Are we really in the right or wrong?
Are we really successful or have we failed?

Are we really indispensable or useless?
Do we really need or lack what we desire?
We choose to listen to what we advise others as if these are meant for ourselves.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



It is easy to dismiss views that contradict with ours.
It is easy to listen simply to rebut or to show off.
It is easy to insist that we are right all the time.
It is easy to reject concepts completely new to us.

When no solution exists, perhaps it is not a problem to be solved but a truth to be accepted.
We choose to be fully open to all possibilities unburdened by our past.
We choose to listen to the person behind the message for insight and understanding.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



We are often visited by hope and desperation, delight and sadness, anger and apathy.
Desire and aversion can be tamed by knowing their future consequences.
Anger and resentment can be tamed by practicing empathy and compassion.
Mental fatigue and depression can be tamed by engaging in physical activity.

Doubt and confusion can be tamed by studying the works of wise people.
Anxiety and worries can be tamed by faith in goodness, beauty, truth and meaning.
We choose to gain mastery over the false and temporal.
Because we are Small but Mighty!



Patience is a virtue; there is always a right time to do the right things.
There is a time to sow; there is a time to reap; there is a time to rest.
What we cannot do today, we might be able to do tomorrow.
What society is not ready to accept today, it might be ready later.

From ashes to ashes, dust to dust; time and space does not truly matter.
What matters is that we complete the work meant for us to do before we pass on.
We choose to stay focused and mind our true calling.
Because we are Small but Mighty!


I accept Imperfection: I do not demand things go my way or that people follow my instructions.
We do not require the world to change to feel happy. Other people choose how to live their lives: good and evil, pretty and ugly, wise and foolish. Our mind accepts their choices without judging while we continue making choices that advance us towards our goals. Not having to mind other people’s business frees us to create a better life without distracting and harmful emotions, desires, and beliefs limiting our potential.