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A perfect storm of both natural and financial disasters hit the world. Strained to the breaking point, heavily indebted governments could no longer prop up the unsustainable economic system. The global economy collapses uncontrollably as all the world’s stock markets and currency exchanges shut down abruptly with everything displaying the number zero.

Factories shut down production. Ships lay dormant in shipyards. Trucks stopped moving. Riots started all over the world as angry and desperate people looted stores. Wielding banners and metal bars, they shouted slogans and burned their now worthless cash in huge bonfires. Even the police force and army joined the mob. The situation was like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, multiplied a thousand times and happening all over the world.

The delegates in the United Nations conference hall looked desperate and forlorn. With all member nations in disarray, they were powerless. Many desperate governments declared war on their neighbors, blaming them for the disaster, in order to grab much needed food and water supplies from their new conquests. Angry mobs clashed with other angry mobs in a mad frenzy of killing. Tanks rolled into towns with artillery fire raining around them.

The world was hungry. The world was desperate. The world was angry. The world was on fire. Billions perished in the ensuring chaos and suffering. Fortunately, the world somehow stopped short of using nuclear weapons.


The Founding of the World Government

Survivors of the more isolated countries, which are self-sufficient and separated from potentially hostile neighbors with a natural barrier, came together to organize the new World Government that will put an end to the old, unsustainable system. But it has to solve the global Humanitarian crisis first.

The Transitional World Government began the biggest logistical operation in recorded history. Civilian and military personnel performed round the clock airdrops worldwide. They rushed to set up emergency shelters, field hospitals and information centers. One by one, the other nations agreed to join the World Government in exchange for aid and security guarantees. The massive bleeding of human lives slowed, then stopped.

Under guardianship of the Transitional World Government, all the nations around the world dismantled their old political, financial and social structures. Banks, real estate, intellectual property, taxes and military forces no longer existed. A common currency operating over a secured electronic network prevailed. When people transacted with this network, a small portion of their transaction is automatically distributed equally to everyone in the network.

Secrecy was gone forever – now everyone knows what everyone is doing. Financial transactions, salaries, personal details, proprietary recipes, business suppliers and classified military documents are now in the public domain over the Internet. Whenever people wish to make a purchase or use a service, they can find the best deals in the universal database. They may even opt to build the product or supply the service themselves. No one is exempt: even government personnel must disclose all their private information.


Global Intentional Communities

After the founding of the World Government, the people worldwide reexamined the way which our civilization functioned. Recognizing the diversity of beliefs and lifestyles on Planet Earth, they developed a plan to allow almost everyone the freedom to live their lifestyles, as long as everyone respected each other.

Nations dismantled themselves and reallocated their land for small-scale (i.e. less than 150 members) Intentional Communities. Anyone can form a community to attract other people with common passions and interests to live with them. Liberated from the old materialistic and nationalistic mindset, people vacated the cold and unhappy cities for the millions of new communities worldwide to practice their faith, ideology or life passion.

People no longer needed to work in meaningless jobs in order to earn money to pay the bills. Advanced automated technology has eliminated most of the mundane work, while the remaining work was shared by consensus between everyone in each community.

Each of these communities follow a few universal rules to protect all members’ freedoms:

  1. Anyone who desires to leave the community must be allowed to do so.
  2. The lives of all people in each community shall be fully transparent and available for all members to know.
  3. A universal currency must be accepted by all communities, but each community has the right to issue their own private currencies.
  4. Each community shall not interfere with the activities or policies in other communities.


Humanity migrates to Outer Space

The Transitional World government invited the top scientists from all the different communities to the First Global Space Conference. The Chinese, Indians, Russians, Americans, Africans and all different races and nationalities have united under the same mission: to safely and permanently migrate Technological Humanity to space as quickly as possible.

Humanity has already done terrible damage to Planet Earth. Despite the urgent efforts to stem the damage by the World Government, the long-term solution was for Humanity to return the planet to Mother Nature and migrate to space.

The scientists were given an ambitious deadline of 15 years to develop the technologies that will enable the construction of the first space city with a design that can be economically replicated to accommodate the entire world population. With former enemies freely sharing what was once secret military technologies, the scientists succeeded in building the means for Humanity to thrive in space.

Every community then came together to schedule and plan for their part in the mass migration to outer space.


Returning to Mother Nature

After Humanity completed its mass migration out into space. A fleet of specialized robots descended onto Planet Earth. Shaped like spiders, they excavated landfills and sent the rubbish for proper disposal. They demolished concrete cities and restored the original vegetation.

Landing near the defunct nuclear power plants and nuclear waste storage facilities, robotic spaceships loaded barrels of radioactive waste into their cargo holds. These barrels will be sent on a one-way trip into the sun. It was simply too risky to leave these toxic waste on the planet.

In the ocean, fleets of white robotic craft began work. The slender ships in front dredged the oceans for large debris and waste materials. The round ships behind purified the ocean waters of microscopic waste.

The work extended into space, where massive arrays of satellites diverted solar energy both to prevent reduce the effects of global warming and to the promote growth of plants in badly damaged areas.

After many years of restoration work finally made the planet fully habitable again, the World Government then declared Planet Earth a Natural Reserve where the use of advanced technology is banned; only emergency medical, transportation, communications and monitoring equipment can be used.

The peoples who desired to live without technology returned and restarted the tribes and cultures of their ancestors. Tibetans, dressed in their traditional robes, inhabited a bustling Potala Palace. American Indians hunted deer on their ancestral lands. The Great Wall of China stood silently, watching over the nomadic tribes.

One day, a half-naked dark-skinned teenage boy walked into a village filled with many stone walls. Newly initiated to adult status, he was draped with white war paint in a zig-zag pattern and many red dots. He came upon the scared altar where he cast a stone onto the wall and sang the prayer of the Star People. Within minutes, a small, white spaceship appeared, taking him to visit the people who lived among the Stars.

An altar allowing space communications stood in the center of every town and village. When children come of age, their guardians bring them to this alter to decide whether they wish to remain on Earth or to go to Space. Every adult has the opportunity to visit or live in any community on Earth or in Space. A fleet of automated, self-maintaining space shuttles ferried visitors and migrants on demand between Earth and all space cities within the Solar System at no cost.