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Eric runs online community services to share the applied insights he has on living sustainably and meaningfully with autism that go beyond textbooks and lived experiences. Believing that autistics should remain unchanged or be fixed/cured are ineffective for developing autistic potential – a middle path is needed.

As he makes breakthroughs at various life stages, Eric also formulated a cutting-edge understanding of autism uniquely different from the mainstream. Eric also dispelled beliefs such as that autistics can never master context by demonstrating using his own example that it is possible.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

The concept that autism is solely about behaviour, and that changing behaviour will change autism, prevents the core issues of autism from being addressed. There are more dimensions to autism beyond behaviour.


Eric will use the community sharings to explain how to work with these dimensions using unconventional approaches suitable for autistics.

Psychological: Trust in the world is the foundation that makes all other progress possible. If one does not even want to be part of this world, then one will see no reason to better one’s situation in this world. Eric found his way to accept this world and the irrational ways of non-autistics.

Biomedical: Nutritional support is critical as autistics tend to have biomedical issues that impede their ability to process the world around them and function effectively. Careful self-testing with low-cost biomedical supplements helps Eric as well as some autistics to solve biomedical issues such as chronic fatigue and brain fog.

Employment: Sustainability is more important than career progression when seeking a career. Great achievements are pointless if we become disabled by burnout and mental illnesses as a result. Without following our calling, we can spend our lives on meaningless goals that we regret.

Without awareness of our limitations, we can be promoted to incompetency or invest in educational qualifications only to find the field unsuited for us.

Eric has chosen to follow his own advice to start a diversified freelance business and create strategic community solutions so that he can provide for himself and his family while having free time.


Financial: Rather than save or spend mindlessly, we need a sensible relationship with money. The current teachings that focus on numbers are too abstract for our needs. Money needs to be converted into security, physical comfort, happiness, opportunity, influence and success. Eric has found ways to do so despite the limited resources that he has.

Relationships: How we see the world is how the world sees us. Do other people seem to be demanding and irrational? This is how they see us too. Eric has found his way to relate in an emotionally mature way to imperfect people and situations.

Politics: While autistics may be unable to match non-autistics on social networks and influence, they can be very useful with technical or artistic abilities that most non-autistics lack. Autistics should aim to be friendly and useful so that non-autistics see it as their interest to protect autistics. Equality can only be achieved sustainably with mutually beneficial exchanges.