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Breakthrough Mentoring goes beyond Adulting Training to address the core issues of autism, paving the foundation for Masculinity Training.

Once having missed the critical intervention window of early childhood, autistics will need to take manual control of their mental and emotional development using their cognitive abilities. They can do so by progressing through these stages:

1) Script: achieving goals by following a rigid set of instructions
2) Heuristic: achieving goals by using generalised rules
3) Intentional: achieving goals by following intention; rules are only for serving the intention
4) Social: achieving goals via following intention in the context of the relevant social situation
5) Relational: achieving goals in the context of personal relationships; intentions are only for serving the relationships

Attaining stage 3 and beyond is the focus of Breakthrough Mentoring. For it to work, the autistic individual must have enough life experiences, good intellectual capacity and the psychological capacity to try new experiences. Hence, this service is unsuitable for those with intellectual disabilities or mental health issues as well as those who have not attained adulthood.


Autistics who undergo Breakthrough Mentoring will be led to attaining the stages of understanding, each building upon the other. They will engage in Eric’s proprietary Inner Work and Applied Drama Facilitation.

Reciprocity: That we must act to consider the needs and situations of others.

Innate Trust: That the world is good, beautiful, meaningful and true.

Intention (Reactive Predictive Communications): That communication can occur without explicit words and symbols, purely conveyed by intentions.

Limitations: That this world is limited and we must live with limitation.

3D Perception: That the physical world exists

Time Perception: That the temporal world exists

Basic Individuality: That free will and individuality exist

Relational Meaning: Accessing relationships, the operating system of the non-autistics

Perfection Completion: To follow the Eternal Flow and complete the blanks of Hidden Perfection

Complete Individuality: To take a stand as Who We Truly Are


On-site breakthrough mentoring (i.e. where Eric must travel) costs SGD$180 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours.

Remote breakthrough mentoring (i.e. where Eric can work from home) costs SGD$160 per hour.

For prospective new clients, the two initial consultations will also be chargeable at SGD$40/hour (online) or SGD$60/hour (in-person).

Eric commits to following the ethics of professional life coaches. Additional terms & conditions apply.