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Adulting Training guides autistics to design and build a suitable life for themselves without relying on external support. This goes beyond coping strategies such as imitating non-autistic people or pretending to be normal.

In Social Skills Tutoring, the client becomes familiar with the concepts introduced by the various self-help authors and coaches, applying them in a piecemeal fashion. In Adulting Training, Eric guides the client to complete a lifestyle makeover, creating a sustainable lifestyle customised to the needs and strengths of the client.


1) Mindset Overhaul: Eric supports clients to confront with empathy their limiting beliefs so that they can move on from a difficult past to create a bright future for themselves.

2) Employability Upgrade: Eric supports clients to build a portfolio of in-demand skills individualised to consider both strengths and weaknesses. The skills will both be highly diversified to protect against unexpected market disruptions and while specialised to maintain competitiveness.

3) Financial Mastery: Eric supports clients to find different ways of protecting their financial health while creating growth opportunities by using money productively and sustainably.

4) Starting Businesses: Eric supports clients and their partners to build business plans, launch digital storefronts, engage in online marketing efforts and provide customer service.

5) Independent Living: Eric supports clients on the challenges and logistics involved with living independently including dealing with household chores, finances and people (e.g. landlords). Autistics who choose to live independently should have already resolved all their mental health issues, as the process will be demanding and stressful.

Once the autistic has completed adulting training, they can proceed to Breakthrough Mentoring.


On-site adulting training (i.e. where Eric must travel) costs SGD$140 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours.

Remote adulting training (i.e. where Eric can work from home) costs SGD$120 per hour.

For prospective new clients, the two initial consultations will also be chargeable at SGD$40/hour (online) or SGD$60/hour (in-person).

Eric commits to following the ethics of professional life coaches. Additional terms & conditions apply.