Eric grew up in an era where autism awareness was non-existent and inclusion unheard of. In the absence of support, Eric devised successful strategies for himself while undergoing mainstream schooling and finding competitive employment successfully.

Most people see autism as a lifelong disability. Some seek to eliminate all autistic traits by “curing” autism. Some insist autistics need not change; it is everyone else who should adapt to autistics in the spirit of unconditional inclusion. Eric disagrees with both perspectives.

Autism need not be a disability. Advantageous autistic traits can be cultivated, counterproductive traits eliminated. A more complete inside-out understanding of autism will help autistics master what non-autistics routinely master, allowing them to realise the full potential of autism by successfully entering the non-autistic world.

Autistics who succeed in breaking their limitations will open a vast array of options in their lives no matter career advancement, romance relationships or personal fulfilment. They can relate as equals for most social situations without effortful masking.

Join Eric as he shares how we can master both the autistic and non-autistic worlds to create sustainable happiness in our lives.

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