Human Being, Being Human

Like the rainbow, which expresses all the colors, the Rainbow Human has accepted and embraced all aspects of Life. Material Comfort and Inner Happiness, Physical Fitness and Spiritual Resilience, Self-Expression and Empathy for Others all hold equal importance.

Rainbow Humans strategically develop their core competitive competencies while ensuring they have the required basic ability and diverse knowledge to capitalize on opportunities. While acting optimistically, they prepare for adverse developments.

He cares for his body, heart, mind, and soul. She takes care of her family as well as her work. He reads both financial reports and spiritual writings. She is equally at ease programming computers as she is with doing arts and drama.

He studies the ideas of great people on how to change the world and practices proactively improving the lives of those around him. She simplifies her Life, facing her inner demons and learning from her experiences. Before he tries to change the world, he sets an example for everyone else using his daily Life. She faces Life with quiet confidence, firm in knowing everything will be fine.

While other people pollute the world, he helps conserve it. While people complain about the world, she helps improve the world. While people fret their lives away playing electronic games, he takes good care of his real Life. While other people protest about global problems, she works slowly to build the solution to solve them one day permanently.

Rather than see the world as opposing powers competing or struggling with each other, he understands their hidden unity. Living freely, the world does not owe her a living, and neither does she owe the world anything.

Rainbow Humans strive to realize the greatest potential of themselves, and through this, expresses the greatest potential of Humanity.


Unlimited desires in a limited world
Eternal aspirations in a transitional world
Reaching for Divinity within mortality
The Human Dissatisfaction

Between what brings life and what brings death
Between what expands us and what shrinks us
Between what is easy and what is right
The Human Choice

Creating Goodness within Evil
Creating Beauty within Ugliness
Creating Meaning within Emptiness
The Human Mission

Weaving between light and shadow
Traveling between birth and death
Holding both the beginning and the end
The Human Experience

Thinking with Authenticity
Feeling with Goodness
Choosing with Meaning
The Human Souling

Thinking unhindered by the past and the future
Feeling unhindered by illusionary stories
Choosing unhindered by doubt and temptation
The Rainbow Human

Growing below into the Earth
Growing above into the Heavens
Growing into a giant tree
So that Heaven and Earth can come together