Limitations of Rainbow Life Coaching

Rainbow Life Coaching will help you feel more joyful, relaxed, more comfortable with your physical body and more satisfied with your life. You will also become a more pleasant and calm person.

However, it does not claim to cure diseases, attract love or make people wealthy. The benefits that we derive from this work will depend on our own effort and attitudes. However, Rainbow Life Coaching can (greatly) increase the chances of us making huge breakthroughs in our own lives.

Although this work has not yet passed the requisite tests of scientific validation, I wish to work with reputable scientific researchers to explore research in this area in the future.

Guidance is essential for those who wish to take this work seriously and employ it in their daily lives. Improper use will result in strong resistance from the subconscious, which will eventually cause one to reject and turn away from this work despite the benefits that one has encountered.