Beware of Acquired Inner Resistance

Acquired Inner Resistance (AIR) refers to (1) greatly decreasing effectiveness in the use of inner work techniques over time and (2) an increasingly strong desire to stop doing inner work. I and a number of people working with these techniques have experienced such a situation, which set back our self-development for years.

AIR usually occurs after 6 months of continuous inner work. It is caused by the wrong application of inner work techniques; namely treating the mind as a computer and the negative parts as apps to be deleted. The subconscious, being a living creature, does not want to be dismembered. The fastest sure-fire way to create AIR is to repetitively use large numbers of irrelevant releasing statements.

AIR can be active or passive. In active AIR, the subconscious creates a very strong desire to avoid doing inner work. In passive AIR, the subconscious merely resists efforts at exploring it and hides the remaining issues away, making all the existing inner work techniques ineffective.

Treating AIR requires winning back the trust of the subconscious. Working with the subconscious is as intimate as sexual union, it must surrender willingly to allow the changes to occur. Taking it by force denies its sacredness and violates its trust. Like a rape victim, it will resist with all its might against this violation.