Using Releasing Statements

Releasing Statements are an improved version of affirmations. Instead of trying to create something new from scratch (in the case of affirmations), we find and release the source of stress within the mind directly.

The facilitator usually supplies the statements to the client, who repeats these sentences with full presence. This means that the client must be fully conscious, fully choosing from free will and really meaning what he/she says. For maximum impact, the client will be requested to repeat the statements in his/her native language.

There are 4 main categories of statements:

Allow: These assist the releasing statements, either to reduce inhibitions or to support releasing statements.
Example: I allow myself to experience this fear. / I allow myself to release this fear.

Release: These provide the main releasing effect.
Example: I release this fear. / I let go of this fear.

Affirm: These seal in the effects of the releasing statements.
Example: And I forgive myself. / And I heal now. / And I allow myself to be who I really am.

Consolidate: This helps mark the end of a cycle of releasing.
Example: And so be it. / And so it is. / Amen.