Expressing the Complete Self

Firstly, I use my imagination to visit a sacred place. For instance, I imagine myself standing on a lofty mountain peak. Looking above, I see the endless sky and the bright sun. Looking below, I see the vast world that the rest of Humanity is living in.

Secondly, I honor my sacred emotions. For instance, I feel in awe of the Higher Power, appreciation for being part of the glory of Life and thankfulness for the good things I get in my life.

Thirdly, I proclaim my sacred purpose. For instance, I say: “I am the link between Heaven and Earth. As part of the Creator, I am here to bring Potential into Reality. I choose to use my life as a bridge to reach my life purpose. No obstacle can stop me, no hardship can deter me and no temptation can distract me. For the past, the present and the future are all aligned within me.

Lastly, I also express the meaning of what I am speaking by moving my body in alignment with the statements. I do not use any specific gestures or movements for each statement; I just express what I feel like doing at the moment.

After I am done, I feel inspired and ready to meet the challenges in my life.


Imagination of the Soul
Inspiration of the Heart
Speech of the Mind
Dance of the Body

Together in One Person
Together at One Moment
Together with One Consciousness
Together the world rejoices

The Human Mystery is completed
Infinity, I am here
Eternity, I am now
Perfection, I am truly me