Exploring our Personas

[This exercise requires knowledge of the 6 Universal Personas.]

We interact with others through our personas. When we think of the relationships in our lives, most of us will think of our loved ones, colleagues, business partners and even pets. However, we also have relationships with objects, emotions, thoughts and desires. This is especially true for emotionally charged areas such as religion, politics, money, sexuality and morality. Thus, gaining an insight into these personas and how we express them is essential to understanding our relationship with the world around us.

In this exercise, we will play each of the 6 universal personas in different combinations using different roles. The family is where we have learned our personas from; it also forms the foundation of all our relationships. Hence, we can start with the most basic family unit: the trinity of father, mother and child.

If you are with a group of three people, you can play the roles simultaneously; do remember to try out all three family roles. If you are alone, simply write down the family roles on three pieces of paper and stick them to the ground in three different locations. As you step from one location to another, you can play the family role of the location that you are standing on. As you play each family role within each persona combination, note down the thoughts, emotions and desires that you experience.

As there are 216 combinations, you will probably only wish to selectively try a few combinations. Perhaps you can start with the patterns that you see within your own relationships. For the best learning experience, do not use the names of your real family; create new names instead.

  1. [Stonewaller, Stonewaller, Stonewaller]
  2. [Stonewaller, Stonewaller, Accuser]
  3. [Stonewaller, Stonewaller, Appeaser]
  4. [Stonewaller, Stonewaller, Distracter]
  5. [Stonewaller, Stonewaller, Analyzer]
  6. [Stonewaller, Stonewaller, Mentor]
  7. [Stonewaller, Accuser, Stonewaller]
  8. [Stonewaller, Accuser, Accuser]
  9. [Stonewaller, Accuser, Appeaser]
  10. [Stonewaller, Accuser, Distracter]
  11. [Stonewaller, Accuser, Analyzer]
  12. [Stonewaller, Accuser, Mentor]
  13. [Stonewaller, Appeaser, Stonewaller]
  14. [Stonewaller, Appeaser, Accuser]
  15. [Stonewaller, Appeaser, Appeaser]
  16. [Stonewaller, Appeaser, Distracter]
  17. [Stonewaller, Appeaser, Analyzer]
  18. [Stonewaller, Appeaser, Mentor]
  19. [Stonewaller, Distracter, Stonewaller]
  20. [Stonewaller, Distracter, Accuser]
  21. [Stonewaller, Distracter, Appeaser]
  22. [Stonewaller, Distracter, Distracter]
  23. [Stonewaller, Distracter, Analyzer]
  24. [Stonewaller, Distracter, Mentor]
  25. [Stonewaller, Analyzer, Stonewaller]
  26. [Stonewaller, Analyzer, Accuser]
  27. [Stonewaller, Analyzer, Appeaser]
  28. [Stonewaller, Analyzer, Distracter]
  29. [Stonewaller, Analyzer, Analyzer]
  30. [Stonewaller, Analyzer, Mentor]
  31. [Stonewaller, Mentor, Stonewaller]
  32. [Stonewaller, Mentor, Accuser]
  33. [Stonewaller, Mentor, Appeaser]
  34. [Stonewaller, Mentor, Distracter]
  35. [Stonewaller, Mentor, Analyzer]
  36. [Stonewaller, Mentor, Mentor]
  37. [Accuser, Stonewaller, Stonewaller]
  38. [Accuser, Stonewaller, Accuser]
  39. [Accuser, Stonewaller, Appeaser]
  40. [Accuser, Stonewaller, Distracter]
  41. [Accuser, Stonewaller, Analyzer]
  42. [Accuser, Stonewaller, Mentor]
  43. [Accuser, Accuser, Stonewaller]
  44. [Accuser, Accuser, Accuser]
  45. [Accuser, Accuser, Appeaser]
  46. [Accuser, Accuser, Distracter]
  47. [Accuser, Accuser, Analyzer]
  48. [Accuser, Accuser, Mentor]
  49. [Accuser, Appeaser, Stonewaller]
  50. [Accuser, Appeaser, Accuser]
  51. [Accuser, Appeaser, Appeaser]
  52. [Accuser, Appeaser, Distracter]
  53. [Accuser, Appeaser, Analyzer]
  54. [Accuser, Appeaser, Mentor]
  55. [Accuser, Distracter, Stonewaller]
  56. [Accuser, Distracter, Accuser]
  57. [Accuser, Distracter, Appeaser]
  58. [Accuser, Distracter, Distracter]
  59. [Accuser, Distracter, Analyzer]
  60. [Accuser, Distracter, Mentor]
  61. [Accuser, Analyzer, Stonewaller]
  62. [Accuser, Analyzer, Accuser]
  63. [Accuser, Analyzer, Appeaser]
  64. [Accuser, Analyzer, Distracter]
  65. [Accuser, Analyzer, Analyzer]
  66. [Accuser, Analyzer, Mentor]
  67. [Accuser, Mentor, Stonewaller]
  68. [Accuser, Mentor, Accuser]
  69. [Accuser, Mentor, Appeaser]
  70. [Accuser, Mentor, Distracter]
  71. [Accuser, Mentor, Analyzer]
  72. [Accuser, Mentor, Mentor]
  73. [Appeaser, Stonewaller, Stonewaller]
  74. [Appeaser, Stonewaller, Accuser]
  75. [Appeaser, Stonewaller, Appeaser]
  76. [Appeaser, Stonewaller, Distracter]
  77. [Appeaser, Stonewaller, Analyzer]
  78. [Appeaser, Stonewaller, Mentor]
  79. [Appeaser, Accuser, Stonewaller]
  80. [Appeaser, Accuser, Accuser]
  81. [Appeaser, Accuser, Appeaser]
  82. [Appeaser, Accuser, Distracter]
  83. [Appeaser, Accuser, Analyzer]
  84. [Appeaser, Accuser, Mentor]
  85. [Appeaser, Appeaser, Stonewaller]
  86. [Appeaser, Appeaser, Accuser]
  87. [Appeaser, Appeaser, Appeaser]
  88. [Appeaser, Appeaser, Distracter]
  89. [Appeaser, Appeaser, Analyzer]
  90. [Appeaser, Appeaser, Mentor]
  91. [Appeaser, Distracter, Stonewaller]
  92. [Appeaser, Distracter, Accuser]
  93. [Appeaser, Distracter, Appeaser]
  94. [Appeaser, Distracter, Distracter]
  95. [Appeaser, Distracter, Analyzer]
  96. [Appeaser, Distracter, Mentor]
  97. [Appeaser, Analyzer, Stonewaller]
  98. [Appeaser, Analyzer, Accuser]
  99. [Appeaser, Analyzer, Appeaser]
  100. [Appeaser, Analyzer, Distracter]
  101. [Appeaser, Analyzer, Analyzer]
  102. [Appeaser, Analyzer, Mentor]
  103. [Appeaser, Mentor, Stonewaller]
  104. [Appeaser, Mentor, Accuser]
  105. [Appeaser, Mentor, Appeaser]
  106. [Appeaser, Mentor, Distracter]
  107. [Appeaser, Mentor, Analyzer]
  108. [Appeaser, Mentor, Mentor]
  109. [Distracter, Stonewaller, Stonewaller]
  110. [Distracter, Stonewaller, Accuser]
  111. [Distracter, Stonewaller, Appeaser]
  112. [Distracter, Stonewaller, Distracter]
  113. [Distracter, Stonewaller, Analyzer]
  114. [Distracter, Stonewaller, Mentor]
  115. [Distracter, Accuser, Stonewaller]
  116. [Distracter, Accuser, Accuser]
  117. [Distracter, Accuser, Appeaser]
  118. [Distracter, Accuser, Distracter]
  119. [Distracter, Accuser, Analyzer]
  120. [Distracter, Accuser, Mentor]
  121. [Distracter, Appeaser, Stonewaller]
  122. [Distracter, Appeaser, Accuser]
  123. [Distracter, Appeaser, Appeaser]
  124. [Distracter, Appeaser, Distracter]
  125. [Distracter, Appeaser, Analyzer]
  126. [Distracter, Appeaser, Mentor]
  127. [Distracter, Distracter, Stonewaller]
  128. [Distracter, Distracter, Accuser]
  129. [Distracter, Distracter, Appeaser]
  130. [Distracter, Distracter, Distracter]
  131. [Distracter, Distracter, Analyzer]
  132. [Distracter, Distracter, Mentor]
  133. [Distracter, Analyzer, Stonewaller]
  134. [Distracter, Analyzer, Accuser]
  135. [Distracter, Analyzer, Appeaser]
  136. [Distracter, Analyzer, Distracter]
  137. [Distracter, Analyzer, Analyzer]
  138. [Distracter, Analyzer, Mentor]
  139. [Distracter, Mentor, Stonewaller]
  140. [Distracter, Mentor, Accuser]
  141. [Distracter, Mentor, Appeaser]
  142. [Distracter, Mentor, Distracter]
  143. [Distracter, Mentor, Analyzer]
  144. [Distracter, Mentor, Mentor]
  145. [Analyzer, Stonewaller, Stonewaller]
  146. [Analyzer, Stonewaller, Accuser]
  147. [Analyzer, Stonewaller, Appeaser]
  148. [Analyzer, Stonewaller, Distracter]
  149. [Analyzer, Stonewaller, Analyzer]
  150. [Analyzer, Stonewaller, Mentor]
  151. [Analyzer, Accuser, Stonewaller]
  152. [Analyzer, Accuser, Accuser]
  153. [Analyzer, Accuser, Appeaser]
  154. [Analyzer, Accuser, Distracter]
  155. [Analyzer, Accuser, Analyzer]
  156. [Analyzer, Accuser, Mentor]
  157. [Analyzer, Appeaser, Stonewaller]
  158. [Analyzer, Appeaser, Accuser]
  159. [Analyzer, Appeaser, Appeaser]
  160. [Analyzer, Appeaser, Distracter]
  161. [Analyzer, Appeaser, Analyzer]
  162. [Analyzer, Appeaser, Mentor]
  163. [Analyzer, Distracter, Stonewaller]
  164. [Analyzer, Distracter, Accuser]
  165. [Analyzer, Distracter, Appeaser]
  166. [Analyzer, Distracter, Distracter]
  167. [Analyzer, Distracter, Analyzer]
  168. [Analyzer, Distracter, Mentor]
  169. [Analyzer, Analyzer, Stonewaller]
  170. [Analyzer, Analyzer, Accuser]
  171. [Analyzer, Analyzer, Appeaser]
  172. [Analyzer, Analyzer, Distracter]
  173. [Analyzer, Analyzer, Analyzer]
  174. [Analyzer, Analyzer, Mentor]
  175. [Analyzer, Mentor, Stonewaller]
  176. [Analyzer, Mentor, Accuser]
  177. [Analyzer, Mentor, Appeaser]
  178. [Analyzer, Mentor, Distracter]
  179. [Analyzer, Mentor, Analyzer]
  180. [Analyzer, Mentor, Mentor]
  181. [Mentor, Stonewaller, Stonewaller]
  182. [Mentor, Stonewaller, Accuser]
  183. [Mentor, Stonewaller, Appeaser]
  184. [Mentor, Stonewaller, Distracter]
  185. [Mentor, Stonewaller, Analyzer]
  186. [Mentor, Stonewaller, Mentor]
  187. [Mentor, Accuser, Stonewaller]
  188. [Mentor, Accuser, Accuser]
  189. [Mentor, Accuser, Appeaser]
  190. [Mentor, Accuser, Distracter]
  191. [Mentor, Accuser, Analyzer]
  192. [Mentor, Accuser, Mentor]
  193. [Mentor, Appeaser, Stonewaller]
  194. [Mentor, Appeaser, Accuser]
  195. [Mentor, Appeaser, Appeaser]
  196. [Mentor, Appeaser, Distracter]
  197. [Mentor, Appeaser, Analyzer]
  198. [Mentor, Appeaser, Mentor]
  199. [Mentor, Distracter, Stonewaller]
  200. [Mentor, Distracter, Accuser]
  201. [Mentor, Distracter, Appeaser]
  202. [Mentor, Distracter, Distracter]
  203. [Mentor, Distracter, Analyzer]
  204. [Mentor, Distracter, Mentor]
  205. [Mentor, Analyzer, Stonewaller]
  206. [Mentor, Analyzer, Accuser]
  207. [Mentor, Analyzer, Appeaser]
  208. [Mentor, Analyzer, Distracter]
  209. [Mentor, Analyzer, Analyzer]
  210. [Mentor, Analyzer, Mentor]
  211. [Mentor, Mentor, Stonewaller]
  212. [Mentor, Mentor, Accuser]
  213. [Mentor, Mentor, Appeaser]
  214. [Mentor, Mentor, Distracter]
  215. [Mentor, Mentor, Analyzer]
  216. [Mentor, Mentor, Mentor]