Mastering the Material and Spiritual, Artificial and Natural

As we set sail on our voyage of rediscovering ourselves, we have to steer our ship carefully between the two rocks of the Hypnotic Spiritual Siren and Powerful Materialistic Rambo. These two forces are constantly at work throughout human consciousness. They result from the desire of people – one to merge with the spiritual realm of the Unborn and reject the physical realm of the Created. The other is to take control of the created Physical world and reject the intangible realm of the Unborn.

The call of the Spiritual Siren seduces one into the state of absorption and disconnection into the realm of the Unborn, Unthinkable and Unknowable as one seeks to escape the material world. The call of the Materialistic Rambo seduces one into the state of hard-nosed pragmatism and fervent activity in the realm of the Created, Expressed and Measured as one seeks to conquer the material world.

Rather than turn away from any these forces, the Rainbow Human achieves mastery over both the material and spiritual forces, skillfully using both of them in service of creating Inspired Change.


Likewise, in the context of the modern world, the Spiritual Siren calls upon us to turn away from technology and withdraw into Nature. The Materialistic Rambo calls upon us to conquer Nature and use our technology to assimilate it into the artificial world under human control.

Rather than see technology as an addiction, we can see it as the extension of our senses, minds and bodies. Rather than see money as a necessary Evil, we can see it as the Physical Manifestation of some of the previously unseen spiritual forces affecting Humanity.

In this era, what was previously invisible and intangible is being manifested into the the Physical World. Like the newly born baby, Humanity has yet to learn how to digest and make proper use of these new tools, resulting in many negative side effects. However, the time will come when the Artificial becomes part of the Natural again.


The Human Being begins as a Seed
Growing below into the Earth
Growing above into the Heavens
Growing into a giant tree
So that Heaven and Earth can come together