Honoring our Pain

Humanity’s Existence is built on pain.

  • We must give up something to attain another.
  • We will regret our choices.
  • We will have to live with things that we dislike.
  • We will have to leave or discard things that we like.
  • Our material gains are someone else’s material losses, and vice-versa.
  • Life is unfair.

These points are most obvious for those of us who trade the financial markets. This is a giant casino where people swap their wealth with each other. For every dream that someone fulfills, someone elsewhere has their dream broken.

Pain must be honored. Sacrifices must be honored. The fallen must be honored. When we reap the fruits of the pain of others, we must make their sacrifices count. We are custodians and not owners of the spoils of this unending war. Our materialistic successes are not created from thin air but from the failures and pain of others. Therefore, when we live our dreams, we must live them responsibly because they are made from the blood, sweat and tears of others.

Life is unfair and we have no way to erase the unfairness, but we can make it right. Only with this awareness and change, will the cycle of pain have a chance of ending.