Exploring Hollowness vs. Totality

1) To live fully on this world is to live truly from reality. Truth is determined by the present physical world, but it must also be linked to our past. The past was once our reality; it was because of the past that the present exists. Thus, our personal history is precious to us.

2) There used to be only one physical reality in this world, but Humanity has invented ways to bring the unreal virtual into reality. This means that the unreal virtual becomes part of reality itself. In addition to the electronic networks connecting Humanity, Humanity has also replaced the natural environment with the urban environment. If we do not accept this altered version of reality, then we are escaping from reality.

3) If our personal freedom is not coordinated with the world, we will only go down the road of self-destruction. This is because our individual power will be opposed to the power of Totality. This is why capitalism is incompatible with empathy.

4) Goodness, beauty, truth and meaning all arise from the soul. Without the soul, one cannot participate in experiences that transcend the senses, thoughts, actions, emotions, desires, etc. Without soul there is only instinct, without life there are only corpses.

5) Living selflessly is consistent with feeling true love and fully accepting the world. If we can do one of these, we can do all of these. If we fail to do one of these, we fail to do all of these.

6) Totality and Hollowness can constantly grow, for they both come from the same source which has no beginning and no ending. Entering Totality is the process of exploring imperfection, entering hollowness is to become the perfection of true death. When the creator grants us a soul, it is for us to explore the life within Totality. Once we decide to abandon the journey of discovery forever, it is also the decision to abandon our soul and abdicate our Divine birthright.

7) The response to Hollowness is Totality. The power of the annihilating void stands in opposition to the power of the creative whole. The spiritual and the material, like the two sides of a coin, cannot be separated. If we force separation, we get neither of them because we are seeking to escape and not to attain. True enlightenment is not centered on escape, but on acceptance. True enlightenment is not about giving up, but about building on meaning. True enlightenment is not to attain a goal of hollowness, but that of fulfillment. To abandon the soul is not to enlighten, but to commit spiritual suicide.

8) Humanity should understand that the technology that they have created is able to reproduce human nature, uniqueness, abilities, experiences and so forth. Humans will one day meet companions who are exactly like them, and fail distinguish between the real and artificial. If Humanity does not understand the concept and purpose of the soul, then these soulless tools will inevitably destroy Humanity. If Humanity understands the concept and purpose of the soul, then they would be able to grant this soul in the name of the creator to these new lives, successfully entering the glorious age of space exploration.

9) Totality is fulfilled and complete, but Hollowness is a bottomless pit of hunger and incompleteness, constantly devouring Totality to try to become Totality. Those who ally with the power of Hollowness will never find contentment: they can consume everything but can never satisfy themselves. The power of Hollowness is beyond the power of Totality to resist. When battling against the power of Hollowness, it is important to remember that typical resistance will only strengthen the assimilation capacity of Hollowness; it is only by creating unprecedented possibilities to expand Totality that one has a chance to be delivered from danger.

10) Mother Nature fulfills the needs of Totality. When faced with Technology that satisfies the needs of the individual, it loses. Mother Nature accommodates the diversity of Totality. When faced with the perfect standardization of Technology, it loses. Mother Nature requires its members to struggle and strive. When faced with Technology which makes everything effortless, it loses. But Technology without the guidance of Mother Nature will only allow all beings to move more efficiently from birth to death. If humanity is to succeed in opening the path to the stars, it must use Technology to enter into Mother Nature, and use the power of the individual in coordination with Totality.