Connecting with the True Essence

The true essence of mathematics is neither in the physical form nor how it is applied. The true essence lies in the archetypal realm of perfect form, shapes and system relationships. The essence of mathematics, although applied to areas as diverse from quantum physics to statistics to architecture to music, is distinct and separate from the children that it has birthed.

Likewise, the true essence of the human being is neither in the physical form nor how it is applied. There is the concept of “human”, held in the archetypal realm. The interplay of pain and joy, attraction and aversion, male and female, mundane and profound, mortality and eternity etc. are held distinctly and separately from the individuals that comprise of Humanity. The same applies for the human body, senses, mind, heart and soul.

We grasp the concept of “human being” by the experience of “being human” in the physical world. Being aware of more of the archetypes of “human being” is like being aware of more aspects of mathematics; we can bring out even more of our potential and enrich our human experience.

We also find the same about nature. The processes of life, growth, interconnection and adaption exist in the spiritual-archetypal realm, and are wondrously expressed in the great diversity of living beings on this world. The rhythms of the world such as the day-night cycle, the four seasons and cycle of growth-decay are likewise.

When many of us encounter the artificial, especially with regards to the new inventions of technology and finance, we tend to think of them as opposites to what is natural. Yet there is life: the movement and trading of money is also life itself being expressed. Plastic materials are also made from living trees many millions of years ago, and there is still some life in it.

Even if we live in a world surrounded by artificial and dead objects, if we can touch the Essence of Nature and Humanity with our soul, we are also touching the Source that has created both Nature and Humanity. That connection to the Power of Creation, that deepest feeling of awe and reverence, can never be extinguished.

The process of Souling, where we commune with the soul and bring the spiritual into the material, is of utmost importance in the 21st century. As we bring our soul into our artificial creations, our spirituality will evolve to guide Humanity during the Space Age, where our descendants will live among the stars for millennia to come.