7 Elements of Development

Humanity comes from Nature, and we can take our inspiration from the archetypal elements of Nature.

Like Metal, we remain firm when encountering adversity, choosing to do what is right rather than what is easy.

Like Wood, we work constantly on personal growth, choosing to be open to new possibilities while following a planned path of development.

Like Earth, we reliably support the rest of the world, doing all the chores and routines required to keep things running smoothly.

Like Water, we accept diversity and differences, supporting people as they are while bringing out the best in them.

Like Fire, we are filled with inner energy, actively changing lives and transforming the world.

Like Air, we use our own inner clarity to bring forth realization, freedom and transparency to the world.

Like Potential, we bring inspiration, ideals and concepts from the Unborn into Reality. Potential may seems empty, but it is actually teeming with the Power of Creation; it is the invisible element that imbues the world of the living.