4 Gifts of Humanity

As we clarify our thinking, we come to examine our own thoughts and find that we are often beset by lies, uncertainty and ignorance. We then naturally keep an open-minded attitude since our knowledge is incomplete and imperfect, freely sharing and receiving thoughts. The world becomes a place of Wonder and Discovery.

As we clarify our feeling, we come into contact with the Unconditional Love of our Higher Power. We then naturally take on a positive attitude towards life, knowing that everything happens for us rather than to us. The world becomes the Paradise that we have never left.

As we clarify our choosing, we come into the Full Awareness of who we truly are. Perseverance then naturally becomes our habit, because we are always choosing our authentic self. The world becomes a canvas and we become the brush that will paint the masterpiece which is our own life.

As we clarify our souling, we naturally become open to following our inner calling. We then naturally become the agent of change for this world. Our life becomes the bridge that brings Heaven down to Earth.

The 4 processes are the tools of creation gifted to Humanity. Using them together brings about the whole human experience, releasing our fullest potential.


Without true thinking, we cut ourselves off from the rest of the world and remain in our little islands of knowledge. Our thinking becomes closed loops. Examples include an obsessive belief in conspiracy theories, inflexible religious/ideological beliefs and self-defeating thoughts.

Without true feeling, we cut ourselves off from life itself and become dry and shriveled. Lacking empathy for others, we express our suffering by creating more suffering in others and ourselves. Examples include playing video games that dehumanize people, ill-treating animals and abusing our own bodies.

Without true choosing, we cut ourselves off from participating in the world. Lacking awareness of our true self, we become passive observers and other people’s chess pieces. Examples include apathy towards changing our life situation (which is often justified by fate/karma/Divine will) and a lack of planning for the future.

Without true souling, we cut ourselves off from our life purpose. Without direction and meaning, we become lost in the physical world. Examples include attempts to copy (rather than be inspired by) of others’ success, a blind adherence to traditions/rituals and a constantly changing set of interests/projects/goals.