Living Soulfully

Rainbow Human Life Coaching is not about a collection of techniques for removing unpleasant emotions or bothersome desires. It does not aim to achieve material success or attain spiritual enlightenment.

Rainbow Human Life Coaching is about listening to the guidance of the soul and fulfilling the true purpose of our existence. In this busy era of change, it is insufficient to merely realize the Eternal Truth; we are to live this truth in our own lives via the Eternal Flow – walking the path of growth with the simultaneous fulfillment of our obligations, enjoying sensuality, pursuing ambition, and deepening of wisdom.


The Soul is the part of us that is neither the body, mind (thoughts), and heart (emotions/desires). It is the part of us that perceives Goodness, Beauty, Meaning and Truth. It is the part of us that has inspired the great philosophers, artists, and spiritual masters. It is the part of us that connects us to the Eternal.

The Eternal Truth is what fosters inner wisdom and the Eternal Flow is what brings inner growth. The Eternal Truth is the unchanging Word of Life, and the Eternal Flow is the changing River of Life. The Eternal Truth is the musical score, and the Eternal Flow is the orchestra where all of us has a unique role to play.

As we spiral through time with the Eternal Flow, we swing between confusion and clarity, between hope and despair, between love and hatred, between life and death. During this process, we can choose to explore and accumulate wisdom from our experiences. When our soul is assisted by wisdom, our inner swings become gentler and gentler as we approach the truer and truer expression and potential of ourselves.


Just as Eternal Truth becomes Eternal Flow as it enters the physical world, we shift from Conception (Spirit) to Becoming (Flesh) when we are born into this world. Life is not meaningless suffering that we are sentenced to endure, but a collaborative masterpiece we create together with everyone in our world.

When we listen to our soul and grasp the true significance of our own lives, we acquire the true wisdom and strength that lets us cut through all doubts and obstacles. For any suffering is worthwhile if there is an important enough reason for it, any sacrifice is worthy of us if we know that it will lead to what we truly desire.

Our work is to bring the eternal potential into physical existence. We use the tools of limitation and dilemma provided by this world to sculpt ourselves into what we conceived ourselves to be. The soul is our inner director who gently guides us to sculpt Goodness, Beauty, Meaning and Truth.

Each of us is also equipped with different instruments (e.g. strengths, weaknesses, abilities, disabilities, situations). Each of us has a different style of playing our instruments. The soul is our invisible conductor that cues us on when and how to play those instruments.

With this awareness, we who have come in the flesh, can dance within the Eternal Flow and proclaim the Eternal Truth through our very lives. Even something as simple as cleaning the toilet, paying the bills and walking to work is also part of the Eternal. We become truly “extra-ordinary” – being ordinary in our unique way, imperfectly expressing our full potential, and doing what we must do to bring harmony to the world.


Most self-improvement works advise us to achieve our desired goals, but what our soul’s mission is usually very different from what we think and feel that we want to achieve. We may want to get married and have children, but we may have to be single in order to achieve our mission. We may want to get rich and have a high social status, but we may have to live an ordinary life in order to achieve our mission. We may want to get a Ph.D. and acquire great knowledge, but we may have to let go of our knowledge and speak in simple concepts in order to achieve our mission. We may want to travel the world to search for spiritual enlightenment, but we may have to work and help pay for our family’s bills in order to achieve our mission.

It is not wrong to follow this guidance even if this may mean physical, emotional, and social hardship. Not all of us are going to be rich, powerful, influential, smart and attractive. In fact, some of us must become poor, oppressed, weak, foolish and ugly in order to do our true work. The world is not fair, but maintaining fairness is not the reason why this world existed. What truly matters is if we can find our way back to Eternity while we are still in the flesh, so that our search will end and our journey can truly begin.

Listening to the soul is the only way to bring complete satisfaction to ourselves and harmony to the world. However, most people find it unacceptable because it is not what they believe they should do. In fact, they may even deny that the soul exists and that it has any purpose at all. They will feel frustrated searching for direction and pursuing their goals in vain, yet they will insist that whatever they are doing is what they truly seek. Hence, it is very rare for any one of us be choose to confront ourselves and purposefully follow the Eternal Flow to live the Eternal Truth.

Living in accordance with the Eternal Flow does not mean renouncing our different faiths. Instead, we deepen our faith by going back to the roots of the original wisdom that birthed them. After all, every faith is born from the same Eternal source. People who lack wisdom can only rely on faith, which is weak against reasoning. Wisdom of true insight is the master of both faith and reason: It strengths faith and works with reason to defeat misleading thoughts and false understandings.


In this era, people have forgotten the soul. They seek to follow materialism, ending up feeling hollow as they achieve one success after another. They seek to follow their passion (i.e. the heart), ending up feeling dissatisfied as they jump from one new project to another. They seek to follow various spiritual teachings, ending up isolating themselves and closing their minds to other possibilities that Life offers. They seek to stick to their comfort zone, ending up playing the same old notes while everyone else has already moved on to a different score.

Humanity as a whole has forgotten the Soul; the people are confused and the world is in turmoil. The methods that people use to try to find meaning are usually based on one-size-fits-all goals/techniques, strengthening logical reasoning, attempts to elaborate on one’s passion, and understanding the spiritual world. There is precious little focus about living in accordance with the Eternal Flow, precious little concern about the dangers of disconnecting ourselves from the world, believing in the ultimate supremacy of logical reasoning to guide us and pursuing our ambitions (including both material success and spiritual attainment) blindly.

In order for us to follow the Eternal Flow, we must examine ourselves and let go of the issues that hinder us from listening to our soul. For those who seek to fulfill their soul mission, Rainbow Human Life Coaching provides guidance, processes, and techniques that can greatly accelerate that process from decades into years.