Life Coaching speeds up our Journey of Growth

Our identity has its roots in our childhood. When we experienced hurt and trauma as a child, we were not ready to work with these experiences. Thus, our subconscious hid them away from us so that we can function normally. However, whenever we encounter incidents that remind us of our childhood trauma, we immediately regress back to the time when we are powerless as a child.

The influence of these thoughts, emotions and beliefs are deeply ingrained. We are often unaware that we are under their influence, even when everyone else knows that we have an issue. Trying to use willpower to overcome these inevitably ends up in failure. Without external help, these indigestible soul experiences will keep haunting us.

Spiritual life coaching provides us a way to explore these parts of our identity in depth and work gently with these to bring out our authentic selves. A spiritual life coach helps us confront our own suffering instead of trying to escape from it, allowing us to enter our next stage of growth.

Hence, at the end of the spiritual life coaching process:

  • We will be able to make sense of the world.
  • We will have the inner strength to confront our inner darkness.
  • We will know our special place and relationship to the world.


Who am I?
Where do I come from?
Why am I here?
Where will I go?

Stepping into Mother Earth
Opening up to Father Sky
Motivated by Brother Fire
Protected by Sister Water

I am a human being
I dance with Nature
I shine with the Sun
I speak with the Stars