Life Coaching speeds up our Journey of Growth

Human beings have the power of thinking (mind), feeling (heart), choosing (body) and meaning/creating/souling (soul). As we gain experience throughout our life, our thinking matures into wisdom, our feeling into compassion, our choosing into resolve and our souling into confidence. Life coaching helps to speed up this process by providing the tools for inner work.

Wisdom is not intelligence – the mastery of techniques and learning of knowledge. Wisdom comes from knowledge made real through the complete experience of thinking, feeling, choosing and souling. Wisdom arises from the organic process of taking in the world through our senses, digesting these experiences, and then giving back the by-products to the world. Wise people have insights into their true selves, the true selves of others, their relationship to the world, and the hidden reality of Existence.

Compassion is not infatuation or desire – the desire to do something or be with someone. Compassion comes from empathy made real with the experience of pain and suffering. Compassionate people have patience with themselves, with others and with the world.

Resolve is not stubbornness – the desire to be right or to insist on a specific way. Resolve comes from free will made real with the experience of choosing in dilemmas. Resolute people know the choices that truly represent them, and they will make these choices in a consistent yet flexible manner.

Confidence is not optimism – the bias towards seeing things in a positive light. Confidence comes from inner strength made real through doubts and worries about the world. Confident people trust in life and unconditionally accept whatever life brings to them.