Humanity’s Crisis

Humanity is now in a collective state of crisis: having abandoned the immeasurable soul with its meaning and dreams, having rejected the irrational emotions with desires and passions, having despised the body upon which it sees as a disposable defective machine, and only focusing on developing the mind and its thinking skills.

The trend we see today is to think of people are computers who need to have “imperfection” programmed away. Our organizations focus on achieving objectively measurable goals. Our research focuses on making humans more like perfect machines. Our education aims to rush children to become thinking adults. Our spirituality is about how to become as perfect as computers. “Being human” is increasingly seen as irrational, obsolete and disgusting. Even something as fundamentally human as male and female is vanishing. When people witness what Humanity has done to Planet Earth and how it has abused animals as well as fellow humans, many of them feel that the Humanity is the scum of the Universe and their hearts longed for its annihilation.

Many people also cannot feel the Goodness-Beauty-Truth-Meaning in their lives, and believing that their existence is just a worthless false emptiness, are eager to annihilate themselves to end their suffering. These suicidal and escapist desires hitched upon the traditional religious concept of the endless cycle of suffering reincarnation, attracting many who pursue a connection with their souls by ironically cutting their souls out.

These suicidal and escapist desires also hitched upon the traditional religious concepts of Doomsday and Heaven, leading some people to think that the world is filled with darkness, that Humanity is Evil, and that they themselves are also irredeemable. Hence, both Humanity and they should be destroyed as quickly as possible. Armed with weapons and bombs, they carried out their sacred mission and left Planet Earth for a safe place without suffering and pain.

In my view, it is dangerous to believe that spiritual advancement is about eradicating the Ego, and complete enlightenment is achieved when the Ego completely disappears. We have came to this world to express our authentic self and share the power of Creation with Humanity using our individual style. Each of us is part of Creation: unique and with purpose. We have became human in order to grow, experience, and partake in the different aspects of life. Our purpose of existence is experiencing the world and not escaping from this world and our own selves.

There is nothing wrong with Humanity constantly striving for perfection, truth and eternity, because this is part of the process of human evolution. However, sacrificing the soul for the sake of the progress (such as an extremist view of Transhumanism) is not worth the price. The dream of the perfect human can only be achieved if the body, heart, mind and soul evolve together.

One’s personal value has nothing to do with achievement, ability or contribution. Our value is an innate birthright; something that we can explore and develop. While Humanity has created a lot of harm and pain, but it is also a masterpiece of the Creator built to express Goodness-Beauty-Truth-Meaning, and thus is also endowed with intrinsic value.