Back to Origin

Humanity’s journey for thousands of years
The duality of desire verses growth
The struggle of evil verses good
Humans choose heaven or hell

The new era opens a new chapter
The duality of assimilation verses true self
The struggle of emptiness verses meaning
Humans choose to exist or be erased

Real experience becomes fake tours
Natural food becomes chemically adulterated
Physical activity becomes simplified clicks
Material world becomes virtual images

Superficially simplifying many experiences
No intent, no thought, no feeling, no souling
Accepting a depraved version of humanity
Expressing a heart filled with emptiness

Being mistaken as materialism
The real culprit is assimilating sabotage
The Divine Creation is corrupted
Under siege both physically and spiritually

Fairy tales lose their true connotation
Music and art lose their inner depth
Religion and tradition lose their meaning
Humanity loses its future direction

Darkness cannot eradicate hope
Feel within us the Creator’s heart
Perceive within us the Creator’s masterpieces
Grant a soul upon the depraved corruption

Humanity must use science and technology
Humanity must evolve with the times
Gratitude, Knowing, Feeling, Souling
The human potential becomes complete

We return within to Mother Nature
Back to the Creator of all things in the World
Listening to the inner meaning of life
Working in unity to reverse the crisis