What we have is what we need

As we begin to deepen our life by steadfastly honoring our own sacredness, we oscillate between periods of great confusion and periods of great clarity. Such turbulence provides opportunities for us to deepen our thinking, feeling, choosing and souling so that we enter fully into our physical world. This is a world of illusion, yet this is also a world which we must accept and make full use of as a tool of creation.

When we have truly brought our self together, then the oscillation will end naturally. We can then freely express our authentic self in our practical life, such that we can act in a direct, unhindered and relaxed manner. The constant inner struggle between doing what is easy and what is right becomes clear – there is only one choice that we can truly take.

It is at this point when we realize that we don’t need anything. We don’t need money. We don’t need love. We don’t need success. We don’t need acceptance. We don’t need our story. We don’t need ourselves. We don’t need to wait for the world to give us anything; it is up to us to give ourselves what we want. When we need an apology, it is up to us to give ourselves one. Because the world is helping us, not punishing us. What happens in this present moment is just perfect, just what we need, just what we can make use of.

There was never any suffering nor can suffering ever be extinguished. There was never any attainment nor can attainment ever be completed. We who have forgotten the truth are condemned to suffer and pursue the end of suffering. As suffering is a product created by ourselves, it expands to fill our consciousness no matter how huge or tiny, no matter how severe or insignificant. It is an endless loop which runs between positive wanting (e.g. joy, pleasure, attraction) and negative wanting (e.g. fear, pain, repulsion).

It is only when we come to experience our authentic self that we grow our wing of wisdom together with the wing of love, as the twin shackles of attraction and repulsion fall apart. Flying out and beyond the endless ocean of suffering, we are free to follow our inner calling to make the world a better place.


The future unfolded
The present improvised
The past reviewed

What we see is merely the shadow
Of objects cast from far away
Giving us illusionary confidence

What we think, we do not need
What we want, we do not need
What we imagine, we do not need

The True Miracle occurs
Not when the Divine does one’s will
But when one does the Divine Will