True Happiness

True happiness is not just a two-dimensional emotion; there is depth in it. It comes with a healthy body, a firm mind, a peaceful heart and an actively expressed soul. If any of these four dimensions are missing, the happiness becomes unreal.

Pleasure is not true happiness. Pleasure may feel much more intense but it is fleeting and makes us hunger for more. True Happiness fills us up, makes us content with what we already have, yet remain actively engaged with our lives.

Escapist emptiness is not true happiness. Ignoring the human part of us will create artificial inner peace at best. Breaking through the understanding that the world is empty brings the understanding that the world is filled with potential. Those who have truly opened their eyes to the reality of this world will actively use their power of creation rather than try to escape from their own lives.

Static balance is not true happiness. When people talk about balance, they usually mean a two-dimensional duality that has an optimal, static mid-point. This is highly misleading as only fragile, artificial machines seek balance in such a way. Real life is never balanced, always flung between different chaotic attractors. Living balance exists in the endless dance of life, not the tip-toe of a statue.

Being good enough is not true happiness. One was, is and will never be good enough. Life was, is and will never be good enough. The world changes all the time, and life adapts and evolves with these changes too. Humans try to impose standards of what is good enough, but who can really judge if any one person has more value than another, or if one person has truly failure or not? This concept is empty, hence any happiness gained from it is likewise empty.

Many people claim to know the path to happiness, but they usually speak from the mind, not the body, heart, or soul. They often subscribe to the Unholy Trinity of Behavior-based Psychology, Materialistic Science, and Standardization-Assimilation Globalization. Hence, their understanding of the inner state of human beings is likewise one-dimensional.