The Dangers of Taking Shortcuts

Instead of going through the hard work of confronting and honoring the Darkness within ourselves, most people are tempted to take shortcuts. Below are some of these shortcuts and their side effects. [Note: This purpose of this sharing is only to educate people about the possible side effects and not to tell them to stop doing what is described below.]

Pressing on meridian points: A very popular and simple technique promises freedom from negative emotions by pressing on specific meridian points of our body in a specific sequence while focusing on the negative emotion. It eliminates these emotions from our consciousness by short-circuiting our emotional sensing system. Instead of being ‘freed’ from the emotions, users instead become blind to them and have no empathy for others who feel such emotions. Eventually, the negative emotions run amok in the body, resulting in possible mental instability. It is rather difficult to heal people who have damaged their systems in such a manner.

Machine gun releasing: Some people have concluded that since releasing statements work, they can compile many thousands of statements and declare them one by one in the belief that all their issues will eventually be covered by some of those statements. This is due to a lack of awareness of the purpose and limitations of releasing statements. Firstly, it takes a lot of willpower to say each statement, and saying so many statements in one session will exhaust the client. Secondly, the releasing statements are used to honor our Darkness and remember our sacred spaces, not to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions. Using statements in such a manner will cause our subconscious to quickly develop resistance to them, such that even when the statements are used correctly in the future, they will be completely ineffective.

Psychiatric medication: Many people rely on some drugs to get rid of their negative thoughts and emotions. These drugs work by cutting off access to the soul, which relives the syndromes of distress but makes it harder to heal the Darkness. Just imagine if we apply our modern material perspective to spiritual leaders of the past: The Buddha will probably be diagnosed with depression and Jesus Christ with psychosis. Both will be given pills to ‘fix’ their ‘issues’.

Recreational psychoactive drugs: Some people have started experimenting with so-called hallucinogenic drugs that the latest scientific research claims to be able to reset the brain to get us out of our emotional rut. It is wise for us to remember that in the ancient cultures, these drugs are supposed to be used only for special ceremonies or one-off healing sessions under the supervision of an experienced shaman. Repeatedly forcing ourselves to enter the fantasy world of our subconscious is not advisable if we want to stay firmly in our physical body and reality.

Forces of material power: There are many practitioners offering to show us how to use our power of ‘creating’ reality to ‘attract’ or ‘manifest’ solutions to our problems. These people have the theory backwards. We do not actually need anything more than we actually have. Trying to use a material solution to solve a spiritual problem won’t work – it is merely the wolf of material consumerism in spiritual sheep’s clothing.

Forces of disconnection: Likewise, there are practitioners who claim to invoke the power of certain beings to ‘ascend’ from the ‘low frequencies’ of Darkness into the Light. Be aware that in exchange for tranquility and the empty sensation of spiritual attainment, believers disconnect from their soul, physical body and reality.

Doing Inner Work of any type is a difficult process that will take much time and effort to complete. One will inevitably have to accept many negative experiences along the way. Shortcuts only provide a distraction from reconciling with their Darkness within.