Sacred Spaces

Within each of us are sacred spaces where we keep our dreams. When others trespass, defile or ignore our spaces, we feel hurt. When we ourselves do the same, we feel betrayed.

To lessen our pain, we tear away the hurt parts of ourselves and bury them deep within our soul. When they call our for us to heal them, we try to get rid these ‘negative’ thoughts and emotions. The more we hate and reject them, the louder and more insistent they become. When we could no longer ignore them, we take some pills to make them go away.

Mainstream society unintentionally supports this process by teaching us that we are physical beings in a physical world who will die along with our bodies. Authorities dismiss spirituality as mere delusions embraced by the feeble-minded or immature, who are sometimes driven to perform irrational acts of violence against other innocent people to protect and reclaim their own sacred spaces.

We were led to forget the living and sacred inner world in favor of a harsh and meaningless outer world. In this World of Darkness, people see within each other their own pain and hurt. Thus, they ignore, hate and reject each other just as much as themselves.

Rainbow Life Coaching helps us let go of our pain and fully embrace Life. We begin with a few proven processes to honor our sacred spaces and accept the hurt parts of ourselves. We then allow ourselves to dream again as we explore the Goodness, Beauty, Meaning and Authenticity of our World through our physical bodies. Finally, we surrender to Reality and partner it to make our dreams come true, thereby expressing our True Self.

Psychology started with the aim of studying the soul
But in the pursuit of greater knowledge
It tried to imitate material science
And lost its soul

Aided by the latest technology
We now possess the knowledge of Big Brother
We now know so much more about ourselves
We now know so much more about the Universe

Yet we have never been so lonely together
Yet we have never been so angry together
Yet we have never been so stressful together
Yet we have never been so cruel together

What the numbers and theories cannot tell us
Is how to become a complete human being
How to end our painful Exile
From the joyful Garden of Eden

We hope that a pill can stop us from killing our dreams
We hope that a pill can stop us from killing ourselves
We hope that a pill can stop us from killing each other
But what we need is not a pill but a soul