Our Thoughts Emotions Desires (TEDs)

Desires come from Choosing, they move us. Desires can be divided into the following categories:

Unity-Separation: Am I the ocean, or a drop of water within the ocean?

Expansion-Contraction: Do I open myself up to explore the world, or do I close myself to protect myself and hide from the world?

Acceptance-Rejection: Do I seek to be accepted or rejected by others?

Control-Surrender: Do I seek to control or be controlled by others?

Meaning-Hollowness: Is my life significant or it is worthless?

[Note: ‘Others’ can also be situations, environments, objects, concepts and other beings.]


Emotions come from Feeling, they guide us. Emotions can be divided into the following categories:

Apathy: I am too tired to care

Grief: I have lost something important

Shame/Guilt: I have done something wrong

Fear/Embarrassment: I hide from danger/myself

Greed/Envy: This belongs to me

Hunger/Lust: I consume

Anger: I fight to end injustice

Pride: I know that I am better than others

Courage: I can do it

Love: I accept/treasure All

Peace: All is well with my life

Completeness: I am with All / I am full


Thoughts come from Thinking, they give us a past and a future. Distorted thinking can be divided into the following categories:

Blindside: We only see one side of a situation or argument and ignore everything else.

Change Optimism: We assume that people will change to suit us.

Doomsday: We assume the worst, with no possibility to change the situation.

Egocentricity: We assume that the world revolves only around ourselves.

Feeling Belief: We assume that what we feel is true.

Helplessness: We assume that we can’t do anything to change the situation.

Keeping Score: We expect to be rewarded or punished based on how hard we work and how much we have sacrificed.

Obligation: We assume that we owe other people something.

Over-generalization: We draw conclusions using only a few incidents or pieces of evidence.

Oversimplification: We make up stories to explain what is happening, and believe these stories.

Polarization: We perceive only the extremes and nothing else in between.

Projection: We assume that people feel, react and decide in the same way that we do. In fact, we often go beyond that to insist that anyone who is different is somewhat defective.


In the beginning was the Thought
I think, therefore I exist.
Distinctly shining in the matrix of possibilities
An endless sky of Eternal Infinity

The tendril of thought spread like vines
Absorbing everything that it likes
Following a hunger that it can never satisfy
Trying to know everything it can know

The Thought was then gifted with a Soul
Knowledge takes on the colors of meaning
Entering into time and space
Flying with dreams and imagination

The Potential was then gifted with Life
Meaning becomes personalized
Entering into the ocean of emotions
Now it is a being soon to be born

The being was the gifted with form
Life becomes the Living
Entering into a mortal body
Fully experiencing Human Being